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  • 5 TikTok health trends taking over Gen Z’s For You page

    Katie Serrano Sports & Fitness

    While popular for Gen Z, experts warn that some TikTok health trends may be harmful to young people's eating habits, body image and mental health. Find out more.

  • A sound plan gives strength to New Year’s resolutions

    Bob Kowalski Sports & Fitness

    Ringing in the year with some New Year's resolutions? Set yourself up for success by planning your resolution roadmap for the year ahead.

  • Link between health, school start times is eye-opening

    Bob Kowalski Sports & Fitness

    Studies have shown that students tend to perform better in school with more sleep. Because of at-home learning during the pandemic, the nation's children invariably caught extra sleep in the morning without having to catch the bus or needing to be ready for school so Mom or Dad could drop them off on the way to work. With so many facets of education changed in the recent past, start time deserves a look.

  • Healthy lifestyle a natural choice if you’re outdoors

    Bob Kowalski Sports & Fitness

    A year of limited activity and indoor isolation left us yearning to get away from technology, and in many cases to get fit – again. One answer can solve both of those issues: outdoor workouts.

  • 4 steps to empower yourself to accomplish your goals

    Rob and Steve Shallenberger Sports & Fitness

    People who have a sense of direction and purpose feel empowered. Yet only 10% of people have written professional and personal goals. Imagine how great it would feel to take all your good intentions and make them a reality. In other words, to get laser-focused on the things that matter most — and have the motivation to actually do them! To set your own roles and goals, follow these four steps.

  • Infographic: The business of women’s sports and how it’s growing

    Jason Adams Sports & Fitness

    The world of women’s sports has been gaining attention for the past few years, and today it’s trending more than ever. Viewership for women’s sports has increased significantly just in the past year. For example, viewership for the National Women’s Soccer League grew by 300% in 2020. It’s a common misconception that men are much more drawn to sports than women, but the truth is that the difference in interest between genders is small. Eighty-four percent of sports fans are interested in women’s sports.

  • Podcast: How to sell packages in a cash-based practice

    Jarod Carter Sports & Fitness

    Offering discounted multi-treatment packages can be a great way to help fill your clinic’s schedule and minimize drop-offs to maximize the raving fans you create for your practice. However, the higher price tag can scare off those who aren’t totally sold on the value of your services if you don’t frame the "ask" in a way that builds trust, addresses objections, and is timed perfectly. In this episode, I walk you through how to effectively sell packages to your patients, including the simple analysis that will enable you to predict if offering discounted plans is likely to leave you with regrets down the road.

  • Podcast: Tips for hiring contractors on Upwork and Fiverr

    Jarod Carter Sports & Fitness

    Need help creating a compelling landing page or blog post? Maybe you’d like ongoing help from a virtual assistant, graphic designer, or website expert — but don’t know where to look. If the hassles of finding competent contracting help have led you to put off the search, it might be time for you to give Upwork and Fiverr a look. In this episode, Jarod Carter explain his favorite strategies for hiring contractors using Upwork and Fiverr. He shares his top tips for saving time and money as well as best practices for using these sites to outsource graphics, writing, programming, or other projects in your practice.

  • Podcast: How to maximize word-of-mouth referrals for a cash-based practice

    Jarod Carter Sports & Fitness

    Word-of-mouth referrals can be one of the easiest, lowest-cost ways to attract new patients to a cash-based practice. While this form of marketing can often be considered quite passive, there are a number of fairly easy things you can do that will improve your results. By employing these tactics, you’ll enhance your online credibility, powerfully connect with your target customer, and dramatically increase your word-of-mouth referrals. In this podcast, Jarod Carter discusses specific strategies that will maximize your word-of-mouth referrals.

  • Podcast: Making a personal passion pay off in a profitable practice

    Jarod Carter Sports & Fitness

    After finishing PT school, Chris Johnson spent a decade working as a therapist for a New York hospital in their cutting-edge sports medicine program. During that time, he also made house calls on the side and discovered he could earn as much or more money as he did at his “regular” job — but with about 10% as much work. He eventually felt he could only reach his full potential as a therapist by going out on his own, which was daunting because of the costs associated with opening a practice in New York City. But his gamble paid off, and he quickly filled his schedule with patients who valued his sports-medicine expertise.

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