About Us

MultiBriefs, the premier source of original content and high-quality newsletters for industry professionals in the B2B space, is the content hub of Multiview, the leading publisher of association news briefs. Multiview, which launched their first association news brief publication in March 2008, has grown to become a reliable resource for associations by helping attract, engage and retain members across a wide range of sectors. Multiview understands the importance of associations and their role in society and is dedicated to distributing news briefs with engaging, informative content that helps association professionals stay ahead of the curve and drive their organizations forward.

In 2013, Multiview released its first original content piece on MultiBriefs.com, providing more in-depth and engaging content to their readers and bringing added value to their partners. Since then, MultiBriefs has continued to produce high-quality original content, with a team of experienced writers and industry experts providing comprehensive coverage on a wide range of topics.

At MultiBriefs, we prioritize accessibility; striving to make understandable and engaging content for a wide range of audiences. From seasoned association professionals reading a Multiview-distributed news brief to professionals in the B2B space, MultiBriefs’ content aims to address topics across all sectors. We believe that knowledge is power and by sharing insights and best practices, MultiBriefs can help professionals succeed in their roles and drive positive change in their organizations and communities.