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  • 7 communication skills to build as a woman in leadership

    Hailey Golden Education

    Communication is among the most important skills a good leader should possess. This article explores the different communication skills a leader needs to build strong relationships with their employees.

  • Oklahoma City’s First Americans Museum: A celebration of native culture

    Dave G. Houser Education

    ​The rhythmic sounds of drumming, shaking and chanting of ruffled and beaded Chickasaw dancers echoed off the looming glass and steel edifice of Oklahoma City's dazzling new $175 million ​First A​mericans Museum on Sept. 18 – signaling the opening of a repository uniquely designed to tell history through the lens of the region's tribal peoples.

  • Hail to the chiefs: An in-depth look at America’s presidential libraries…

    Dave G. Houser Education

    America's presidential library system includes 14 libraries administered and operated by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). These repositories preserve and make available to the public the papers, letters, records, collections and historical artifacts of every president since Herbert Hoover, whose term ended in 1933. Let's take a closer look at five of the most popular presidential libraries and museums.

  • How to encourage a sustainable focus in college students and future professionals

    Ginger Abbot Education

    ​University students sign up for classes that empower them to change their futures. They want to learn how to make the planet a better place for themselves and the next generation, including combating climate change in their personal lives. By following these six steps, education professionals can learn how to teach sustainability so every graduate knows how to address concerns regarding global warming.

  • Turning your experience into accomplishments and skills

    Hank Boyer Education

    Since you were old enough to start your first job or tackle school assignments, you've been accumulating the experiences needed for a successful future. Landing your ideal job as a recent graduate or a seasoned professional depends on how well you translate those experiences into accomplishments and skills that match a prospective employer's needs.

  • The future of virtual L&D: Implementing online professional development…

    Ginger Abbot Education

    ​Even the most well-educated and experienced professionals in any industry have room to grow. The best team members and leaders never stop looking for new ways to strengthen their skills and gain new talents. However, going back for another degree or attending a conference isn't always financially feasible and may not work with everyone's schedules. Virtual learning and development is the next step leaders can implement and use to their advantage.

  • Link between health, school start times is eye-opening

    Bob Kowalski Education

    Studies have shown that students tend to perform better in school with more sleep. Because of at-home learning during the pandemic, the nation's children invariably caught extra sleep in the morning without having to catch the bus or needing to be ready for school so Mom or Dad could drop them off on the way to work. With so many facets of education changed in the recent past, start time deserves a look.

  • How educators can prepare college-bound students for financial aid

    Ginger Abbot Education

    Teaching financial management and tuition repayment is one of the best things you can do for your college-bound students. Here are some tips on how to teach students financial management, prepare them for loans and educate them on tuition repayment.

  • Texas teachers keeping HOPE alive this school year

    Brie Ragland Education

    Texas teachers share hopeful statements for all those invested in education — teachers, coaches, administrators, aides, mentors, parents and students — in hopes of inspiring a positive year of learning and success. Here’s to a bright school year filled with mutual encouragement of unity, dignity, integrity, growth and education.

  • How to increase ESL student retention

    Douglas Magrath Education

    An education program must offer more than just grammar and spelling if it wants to retain its ESL (English as a Second Language) students until they test out of ESL and begin their college studies. As ESL teachers, we need to do more than prepare students to pass the TOEFL or other tests. We need to prepare them to contribute to society.

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