If you have a smartphone, you check Facebook about 14 times a day. But that was back in 2013. Back then, in 2014, we only looked at our phone about 33 times a day.

Now, that number has grown to 46 times a day — a 40 percent increase from just two years ago. Likely, we check Facebook and other social platforms much more often than 14 times a day.

With all that constant checking and updating, you're more likely to miss subtle changes on social platforms. That's why it's good to step back occasionally and reassess the landscape.

Are you missing new features that could help your company on social? Scroll to learn the latest about each social network. After all, the better you know the platform, the better you can use it.


  • Saw an informative Facebook video you want to share with your office? Or want to gather round for a live stream? Now, you can watch Facebook on your TV (as long as it's an AirPlay or Google Cast-enabled device). All you have to do is pull up the video, press the TV symbol in the top right corner, select the device and hit play.
  • Facebook launched Marketplace, where you can find, buy and sell items with those in your community. Already, more than 450 million people visit buy-and-sell groups each month, and this latest tool makes that process much easier.
  • Now, you'll want your employees to be on Facebook at Work. In essence, your company creates your own employee-only social network using Facebook at Work. You get to use all of Facebook's tools, like groups, messages and updates, to be more productive and collaborative.


  • Instagram realized they had a troll problem, and now they're doing their best to fix it. You can filter and hide comments. To do this, you select keywords and phrases you don't want to see, and any comment with that word will be hidden. This is the perfect way to keep your Instagram business account squeaky clean.
  • It's been a while (two months) since Instagram added a huge change to their platform. If you haven't already, learn more about Instagram Stories. It's like Instagram's version of Snapchat.

Twitter and Periscope

  • Twitter is pivoting a bit to focus on what they do best — live news. Now, you can watch all of Twitter's live streams on your TV.
  • The quality of those live streams is about to get better, too. Periscope, owned by Twitter, launched Periscope Producer. You can now create content and live streams on select professional equipment, drastically improving the quality. Previously, you could only produce live streams on your mobile device.


  • Pinterest now has 150 million pinners, a 50 percent increase within one year. 40 percent of all new sign-ups are now men. And 75 percent of all saved pins come from business boards.
  • Pinterest users are already planning for the holiday season. See what Pinterest data identified as the hottest holiday trends, and learn how your company can use them to your advantage.