January is the best month for business professionals to create their "revenue roster."

It's the time of year they should develop a list of all those individuals who can help them generate the most sales and income for the year ahead. The next step is to plan how and when to reach out to those individuals. There is strength in numbers, and you can add to yours by reaching out for help.

Your roster should include more than just your clients and prospects. Your former clients should be listed, too. So should allied professionals, such as colleagues in related, but noncompeting fields who can provide you with leads. Add to your list all the contractors, vendors and suppliers with whom you work.

Don't forget about members of the media: the reporters, bloggers, editors, producers and others who have publicized you and/or your company in the past, and could do so in the future. Free publicity, after all, the best advertising you can't buy.

Your mentors, coaches and advisers also deserve a place on your revenue roster, along with anyone else who might have ideas on how you can grow your business in the months ahead. You might even want to find a place on your roster for key competitors, the ones who could refer you the business they can't handle.

This is a good time to scour your database in search of anyone and everyone who can provide you with leads now or in the future. You'll find most of the people you contact will be ready, willing and help — and some may even be flattered you sought their advice.

The quality of the leads and referrals you get will depend on how you ask for them. You're more likely to land the names of promising prospects when you provide your "team" with detailed information about what you're looking for. When you ask for their help, be specific about your target market and the services and products you intend to provide.

Before reaching out to your revenue roster mates who can help you make money, consider how you can gain and maintain their attention. The idea is to contact them in ways they will most appreciate, with information they will most value.

Here's where you need to apply your best networking skills. Here's where you need to follow the advice of sales trainer Zig Ziglar, who suggested that if you give people what they want, they will help you gain what you want.

Here's where you want to ask: "How can I help?"

Meanwhile, think of things you can send now to your revenue roster members to help them plan for the year ahead. And think of information you can send in the future that will help them increase sales, grow their business and/or achieve other goals.

Be on the lookout for blog posts, articles, videos, books and other materials you can suggest or send to support those who support you.

Creating and connecting with your revenue roster is a 2016 sales strategy that makes sense, and is sure to make you money.