Artificial intelligence (AI) and machines can now perform many jobs traditionally done by human beings. Even in the restaurant business, where many believe only real human beings can accomplish most tasks, some entrepreneurs have already begun using machines to cook and serve customers.

According to a recent CNBC update, AI can help businesses manage their human capital, too.

AI can help companies pick the best candidates

Traditionally, the hiring and selection process would typically begin with candidates applying for a job.

After the first screening by the hiring or HR managers, the candidates will then be invited for a series of phone or on-site interviews. When the assessments of all candidates are completed, an offer will finally be made to the best candidate.

Using AI, companies can now pick the best candidate without involving any hiring or HR managers. The hiring process becomes:

  • A candidate applies for a position online.
  • AI can perform the initial screening based on the candidates’ qualifications and experience, the information that can usually be located in the application forms or resumes.
  • AI sends out a series of questions to the top candidates.
  • The candidates will then record their responses to the questions in a video with unlimited attempts until they are satisfied with their answers in front of the camera.
  • AI will begin analyzing the "25,000 data points" collected in the video, including the word choice made by the candidates (i.e., the content of the answers), intonations, nonverbal clues (e.g., reactions on the face).
  • AI will make a recommendation based on the analytic results.

The advantages of using AI in hiring

There are many advantages of using AI in hiring. The hiring process, for example, can be shortened and thus save time for HR, especially for those popular employers who usually receive hundreds or even thousands of applications for one open position.

Then, machines can be more objective, helping companies eliminate the possible human errors or bias during the normal face-to-face interview process. Machines can also do a better job of collecting and analyzing multiple sources of data at a short time.

The disadvantages of using AI in hiring

The interviewing process with a machine or a camera can be intimidating to some candidates.

While it is widely believed that younger generations are more comfortable with new technologies, older generations who prefer to have real human interactions during the interview process may feel discouraged or even discriminated with this new process. Alternatively, some outstanding and well-qualified candidates, regardless of ages or backgrounds, might be left out because they are not comfortable talking to a camera.

Sometimes, certain jobs in the service sector might emphasize more on the “human interactions.” In this case, solely relying on AI in hiring may not produce valid or reliable results.

Other HR functions that are performed or assisted by AI

Besides hiring, AI can perform many tasks in HR. For instance, AI can provide solutions to HR in administrative work (e.g., managing payrolls and employee records), talent management (e.g., training and development), job evaluations, and even job design and job analysis.

What job candidates can do to code with AI in hiring

AI will be here to stay, no matter if we like it or not. As job candidates, we can only expect more interactions with machines or cameras during the hiring process than with real human beings.

At a minimum, we can practice the following to code with the challenges brought by AI:

  • To have more video calls with family and friends
  • To begin video blogging, either with a public or a private account
  • To videotape our presentations in school or at work, and critique them afterward
  • To conduct mock interviews in front of a camera
  • To record interviews in front of a camera and have them critiqued by HR professionals

What role do you see AI will play in HR in the future? What additional suggestions will you make to the job seekers who are going to interview with a machine?