Over the last few weeks, ads for Twitter have been popping up on every platform from mobile apps to television. Now, we know why.

Twitter is struggling.

This past July, the social network announced their slowest increase in monthly average users since the company went public in 2013. As Instagram soars in popularity, the easy-on-the-eyes app is commandeering Twitter's users.

Spurred by its stagnant growth rate, Twitter recently laid off 8 percent of their global workforce.

Is the micro-blogging platform approaching its demise? Should your business continue to invest time, money and energy into Twitter marketing?

Read on to discover the state of Twitter and its effect on your brand's social media strategy.

Is Twitter on its way out?

The Twitter we know now will surely transform and evolve.

Right now, many users complain that Twitter is too chaotic. When scrolling through Twitter's news feed, users are bombarded by new tweets every few seconds, creating an overwhelming and uninviting user experience.

On Twitter, it's hard to feel like an integral part of the landscape. The information you blast out seems to instantaneously fade into obscurity. The lifespan of a tweet for an account with 1,000 followers is a mere 18 minutes.

Yet, Jack Dorsey, Twitter's co-founder and newly named CEO, has said there's a road map to change "how we work, and what we need to do that work."

Should your brand continue marketing on Twitter?

As Twitter's users plateau, don't invest more than you already are in the platform. If your social media team is crunched for resources, it's a safe bet to pull back a bit.

The social media scene rapidly transforms, so your business should promptly adjust and adapt. Take this opportunity to experiment with the up and coming social networks instead.

Of course, this rule of thumb differs from business to business. Before you cut or increase your brand's reliance on Twitter, step back to see how the platform is working for your business.

Next steps for Twitter and your business

Twitter is determined to change and meet its users' needs. And that transformation is already in motion.

This month, Twitter debuted its new Moments feature. Plus, Twitter's live streaming app, Periscope, continues to delight and grow. Moving forward, try out Twitter's new features instead of relying exclusively on past Twitter marketing tactics.

Here's what your company needs to know about Twitter's Moments.

Launched in early October, Twitter's new Moments aims to combat its information-overload problem. Moments attempts to tame the chaos by curating a snapshot of the best of what's happening now.

Click the "Moments" tab on Twitter to browse a refined news feed showcasing the most buzzworthy stories, displayed with a brief summary and defining image. Click on the moment to unleash complementary multimedia tweets.

Presently, Twitter Moments are curated by the internal content team with Twitter's partners — such as Vogue and The Washington Post contributing a bit.

Soon, your brand will be able to buy your way into the Moments section. Twitter is already testing ads with brand partnerships to work ad space into the new real estate. Stay tuned to see when the feature debuts for your brand.

But the most exciting arena for Twitter and your business right now is Periscope. Check out tips on how to use Periscope and secrets to look like a pro here.