You may get overwhelmed if you’re trying to make your B2B company more efficient with technology. There is so much new software out there that choosing what to use becomes very difficult.

For example, what if the app fails or isn’t supported anymore? The investment in the yearly subscription is lost, and you have to retrain your employees on a new tool.

Those problems can be avoided if you choose B2B marketing tools favored by marketers in 2020. Here are the best five tools.


If you’re doing content marketing or trying to get your website notices on Google, there’s one tool that you can’t miss out on. Ahrefs has notable competitors in Majestic, SemRush, and Moz, none of which are bad tools.

However, Ahrefs is the only one that has a reliable live index. This allows you to see the backlinks that were recently added to the site. Ahrefs also has all the tools you need to build your own SEO strategy and monitor your site’s performance.

Make sure you’re making the right content by looking at what performs best and where it ranks on Google on multiple keywords.


Every B2B business needs a way of approaching member engagement. One of the most effective ones is email marketing. When it comes to this old but still powerful technique, there is no tool better than MailChimp.It allows you to automate email campaigns while still keeping them personalized.

HubSpot CRM

Is your B2B business struggling with handling leads? You may find a CRM system extremely useful.

A CRM will let you sort every lead in the right category and store all the information about your history with this lead. Salespeople will be able to see all the information you have on the lead while they’re talking to them. That may be just what you need to close the deal.

Megan Murray from Cake HR Software comments that a team’s time management is just about the most important thing for the overall success of the sales process. HubSpot CRM lets you manage that, too, giving you the ability to schedule calls and hand out tasks to your team.


B2B businesses these days are moving towards social media marketing. If your audience can be reached on websites like Instagram or Facebook, Buzzsumo is the ultimate tool to do that. It allows you to analyze what content performs best and finds you the right influencers to work with.


With so much data on your hands, you need a way to analyze it to see where your business is failing and improve upon it. Databox gives you a solution to that. It’s a service that helps you keep all the data you get from multiple platforms, including Google Analytics, in one place and gives you the tools to find correlations and drive conclusions.


Do you want to reach new potential customers but don't have much knowledge about email marketing? Mailify is the solution!

In fact, it is probably the most intuitive and easy-to-use email marketing software. It guides you step by step and allows you to create both email marketing and SMS campaigns as well as automatic scenarios such as the relaunch of an abandoned cart.

In addition, you will have access to expert help, as well as detailed statistics of your campaigns and many other features related to new technologies and artificial intelligence.

Mailify offers a complete solution that will allow you to grow your business.


While there are dozens of B2B marketing tools, these five are the most essential ones. If you get subscriptions and learn to use these tools, they may be all you need to grow your business this fiscal year.