For spa owners or managers who decide to go green, there are many important aspects worth taking into account. The aim of this article is to draw attention to crucial factors that contribute to the success of sustainable spa operations.

Here are some key success factors that are applicable for all types of spas:

  • conducting market research and establishing a niche within one's market segment
  • being authentic and consistent with one's theme
  • creating a budget and monitoring finances
  • hiring experienced staff

However, while operating a green spa, the following success factors need to be considered as well:

Environmental policy statement

Creating an environmental policy statement including the interests of the spa, as well as of the people working within the spa, is a crucial factor for a green spa's success.

Treatment and retail products

Not only are retail products a revenue increasing success factor, but they also provide a message. They speak about the spa's authentic commitment to sustainability and give emphasis to the spa's credibility and identity as a green spa. The choice of treatment and retail products is therefore essential for branding and economic success in the green spa industry.

Green committees

Green committees are on-staff groups that focus on planning, strategizing and carrying out a spa's sustainability actions. Creating such a green committee is a great method to design and subsequently implement changes necessary in a spa toward Earth-friendly practices.

Realistic objectives

Another important factor that needs to be considered is setting realistic objectives for implementing specific measures.

The list of critical factors concerning greening spas is much longer. However, bearing these four aspects in mind will ensure a smooth start of your greening initiative.