When faced with revitalizing an iconic brand, Bayer wanted to differentiate itself from the competition with a package makeover. The company ultimately chose an oversized ergonomic cap for its aspirin and Aleve over-the-counter medications.

The new cap — overmolded with thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) makes it easier for arthritis suffers to grip and get to the pain reliever inside. The easily-recognized caps with raised logo are preferred by consumers and are even endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation.

Baby boomers are the second-largest consumer segment after millennials, but they have extraordinary spending power, controlling over 75 percent of America's wealth. There are tremendous unmet needs when it comes to packaging for boomers. Marketers who invest in addressing unmet needs can create meaningful distinctions for their brands resulting in strong loyalty from targeted consumer groups.

When redesigning packaging, soft-touch materials draw attention to package and product improvements. TPEs increase package functionality, which adds value to the product and can be the tipping point influencing consumers to spending a little extra.

Bayer used cap-color variations to introduce brand extensions and make it easier for consumers to find the product on store shelves that is right for them. As an added benefit due to the better stacking of bottles with overmolded TPE caps, Bayer was able to eliminate cartons, resulting in less packaging waste to landfill and a positive impact on carbon footprint.

Today's consumer is more environmentally aware and sustainability is growing as an area of concern. Consumers expect the brands they trust to be environmentally responsible. TPEs are compatible with most municipal recycle streams and address the need for sustainable packaging.

Soft-touch materials add color and texture to the package, allowing it to stand out from the competition on store shelves, reducing the risk of new-product introduction and enabling speed to market. TPEs signal to the consumer that there is something new and special about the product.

Designing packaging with tactile attributes enhances the consumer experience, enabling product differentiation, which ultimately affects their purchase decision and leads to repeat sales. Scented TPEs are also available in a variety of fragrances for a truly multisensory experience.