If you're looking to propel your profits this fall, add some power to your promotion.

You don't need to spend a lot of time and money to attract much more recognition — and business in the months ahead. Simply think big, communicate with confidence, and build and reach out to your base just like the marketing champions do.

Follow this "champion's checklist," and you'll economically and efficiently make a big marketing impact.

1. Poll your prospects. Interview prospective clients on their biggest challenges, then offer solutions to them in your social media commentary, a blog post, an article or a special report. Pinpoint the pain and position yourself as the caregiver, and you'll establish your expertise.

2. Speak out. Communicate your credibility by addressing those challenges in presentations to groups whose members could use your services. Groups are always looking for speakers, and the more programs you deliver, the more polished you'll become in your presentation.

3. Build your herd. There's strength in numbers, and you absolutely, positively want to increase yours. Double your database by offering a free report (on challenges and solutions) on your website. Get the word out through social media, and you'll attract fans and followers.

4. Reach out with regularity. Make 10 contacts a day, every day, to those you need to know and who need to know you. You can't help but attract more clients when you follow this "smile and dial" strategy.

5. Get quoted and promoted. Free publicity is the best advertising that business professionals can't buy. Offer yourself as an interview source to industry blogs and podcasts, trade publications, etc. Also, submit news releases, guest posts, articles, columns, etc.

6. Get fan feedback. Seek the advice of your best clients on how you can build your business. They'll gladly give you answers and may provide you with insights on where, when and how to market your services.

7. Cooperate and collaborate. Align with allied professionals. Connect with companies in related fields and offer to promote them to your followers, if they return the favor. It's another great way to boost your base.

8. Maximize your message. Prepare for a fabulous fall by updating and upgrading your elevator speech, voicemail, email signature and social media branding statements. Include what's new and neat about your firm, and add in your "only" phrase, as in: "We're the area's only company that ..."

9. Make your "net" work. Spread that message and the good word by getting involved with trade, networking, service and/or meet-up groups whose members are, or could refer you to, potential clients. Seek opportunities to present programs and/or contribute to their blog, online newsletter or other publications.

10. Add "wow!" to your website. The average website visit is 4 seconds and two clicks. Make sure that visitors to your site get it and you in that time frame. Include captivating and concise copy, a killer bio and a compelling call to action.

Smart marketing is the shortcut to success in growing your business in the coming months. You can and will market smart if you follow these steps and make a maximum impact for a minimal investment of time and money.

Follow the checklist, and you, too, will become a marketing champion.