You have been working hard in both your professional and your personal life. Each year, you plan and look forward to some type of unique wellness retreat, but this year COVID-19 hit, preventing you from traveling to enjoy this sacred time for yourself.

So, you found a virtual retreat that looks like it would be a great fit. However, when you travel, you escape the noise and business of home. Virtual retreats are different. It’s not as easy to put aside your home affairs or the distractions that take you away from rest and restoration.

To garner the most out of your virtual wellness retreat from home, we have put together the following tips to consider.

1. Pick Your Space

Identify the space in your home you wish to use for the retreat. Spend some time and tidy up the area so when you enter this space, it's clean, organized, and ready to enjoy.

A busy space can create a busy mind, so cleaning up your area will help eliminate the distractions. Make sure the temperature and lighting in the room are set for your optimal enjoyment, too.

2. Gather Equipment

Once you have picked your space, gather up all the items you need for your retreat. A yoga retreat may suggest that you have a yoga mat, 1-2 blocks, a yoga blanket or substitute, yoga strap, journal, and a pen or pencil.

A fitness retreat may suggest that you have comfortable clothes, good shoes, a watch or stopwatch, a water bottle, weights, or other workout equipment. Be sure to review any information provided on equipment in advance and have it all ready and in your dedicated space.

3. Set the Scene

Make your space special. Treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers that bring a smile to your face or put out a few candles that you enjoy. If you are using candles, make sure you have a lighter or matches available so you can light your candles at the start of your event. Or — if you prefer — get a diffuser going with your favorite essential oils to help calm, energize, or inspire you.

4. Plan Your Clothing

Select comfortable clothing to wear during your event and have it ready to go. For a yoga retreat, you will want to wear breathable and flexible bottoms, a form-fitting top that will stay in place when you’re upside down, and a warm top layer for the end of class and after. For a fitness retreat, you will want to wear clothes that are loose and comfy. However, if you are running or biking, you will want to avoid wide-leg pants for safety.

5. Put Work Aside

Finish up urgent or important work so when you start your retreat, you can enjoy it without worrying or letting the mind wander to your to do list. Unfinished business is one of the biggest prohibitors of being fully present, so you want to be sure to avoid this distraction and stay focused on your virtual retreat and goals.

6. Turn off Technology

Turn off the technology! Your phone can be set to airplane mode and your laptop to “Do Not Disturb” so you are not distracted. Check for urgent items on breaks or better yet — make it a technology-free weekend/retreat. Unplug totally and let your friends and family know you will not be available.

7. Be Present

You registered for this retreat, so treat it like an important appointment! After all, you do not cancel appointments with others, so why cancel this self-care appointment with yourself? Be present, rest, relax, and restore the mind, body, and spirit.

Get Your Much-Needed Rest and Relaxation This Year

This year has been tough on everyone. Therefore, an escape from your busy everyday life can do wonders for your physical and mental health — even if that escape is done virtually from the comfort of your home! And by using these tips during your virtual retreat, you’ll be able to get the rest and relaxation you deserve.