This is the time of year that companies in most every industry, in most every market set goals for the year ahead. And no matter if those firms are big or small, they often have a similar ambition: to get bigger jobs from better clients.

It’s a worthy goal, to be sure, but a difficult one to achieve. So many companies work so hard to attract major projects from luxury-level clients, yet so few succeed.


Most don’t attract high-caliber clients because they don’t look like high-caliber companies.

Sure, many have extravagant websites. And they carry high end product lines. And they attempt to play the part of a high-end company. But they simply don’t look the part.

The problem is in their promotion. Many do a poor job of marketing themselves as luxury-level products or service providers. They don’t dramatically differentiate themselves from the legions of competitors trying to tap into the affluent marketplace.

In fact, they undersell and undervalue themselves. And, as a result, they fail to attract the clients they want and deserve at a time when competition has never been keener.

Never has it been easier to get elsewhere the services and products that you sell. Let’s say, for example, that you own a Milwaukee wealth management firm. So, apparently, do a lot of others. Do a Google search for "wealth management firms Milwaukee" and you come up with 895,000 listings in a nanosecond.

Given those numbers, why should clients hire you? What makes you different?

One word can help you set yourselves apart, make an instant impact and leave a lasting impression. The word is your ultimate differentiator, your fee and price justifier, your “buzz” builder and your brand.

And the word is "only."

Is yours the only company in your area that offers a certain service? Is it the only one that carries a particular product line? Is it the only one that specializes in serving the affluent client niche?

Tell them what only you do, and they’ll work only with you.

Those who are most successful in connecting with high-end clients realize that, first and foremost, they’re not selling products or services. They understand that, first and foremost, they’re selling themselves. They’re outstanding personal salespeople.

Make your personal sale by getting quoted and promoted online and in the media. Develop a database of bloggers, reporters, editors, TV and video producers, and others who follow your industry, and inform them of your willingness to help any time they need information or an interview resource.

Position yourself as the source of information for high-end clients in your area. Talk, tweet, text, and post about what’s new, now, and neat in your marketplace.

Public speaking is a good way to create credibility and establish expertise, and get classy clients and projects. When you hear of events that are likely to attract your ideal prospects, offer to speak at those events.

Create a killer bio on your website and in social media. There’s no better way to introduce yourself and communicate your value than with a stellar personal profile. With it, you can position yourself as a uniquely qualified, leader in your field.

Showcase your new bio, and your company’s qualifications to take on bigger projects from better clients in a new year’s "Letter of (Re-)Introduction" to everyone you need to know. Use the letter to explain how your clients will gain from the new technology, additional staff, and high-end services and/or product lines that you’ve recently added.

Finally, reinforce your brand by charging the part of a highly successful and accomplished company. Remember that high-end clients expect to pay top dollar for top quality services and products. Charge accordingly, raising your rates if necessary.

Getting bigger jobs from better clients in 2019 need not be a distant dream. It can and will become a reality once you "look the part" of a luxury-level provider.