One of the best ways to recharge your business this summer is to reintroduce yourself.

Reach out by email or in a letter to anyone and everyone you need to know — and who needs to know you — and bring them up to date about what’s new and noteworthy about your business and yourself.

Your list of recipients could include former clients; prospects; vendors and suppliers; industry bloggers and trade media, and any other movers, shakers and “influencers” in your field.

Traditionally, business owners used a reintroduction letter when they reinvented themselves, shifted their focus or changed their business model. But the letter also serves to revive sagging sales and boost the bottom line.

Explain in your note how your clients will benefit from new services or product lines that you’ve recently launched — pointing out, for example, how your new software will save them time and money. Also, share information about new employees you’ve hired, technology you’ve adopted, resources you’ve added, etc.

The idea behind this "letter of reintroduction" is to connect with those with whom you’ve lost touch and/or those who are unaware of all that you do, or can do. It’s an excellent way to establish — or re-establish — top-of-the-mind awareness.

One of the most serious oversights of business owners today is that they fail to promote all their services, all the time. They leave money on the table because clients are unaware of the full extent of their services.

Here’s where the letter of reintroduction comes in. You can use it to point out that you now offer an expanded product line, or that you now serve your clients in new and better ways.

It’s critical to attach a copy, or include a link in the letter to your updated bio and background information about other members of your team. You are the one thing that buyers can’t get from your competitors and nothing promotes you as effectively as a powerful personal profile.

Another key component of your letter: a call to action. Engage recipients by suggesting that they sign up for your summer special, download your new free report, check out your latest blogposts, visit your revised website, etc.

The reintroduction letter is an economical marketing tool that can benefit your company in a wide variety of ways.

For starters, it reminds your target audience of your value, and educates them about all that you can do. It’s a simple way for you to reach people at a time when they may, in fact, need your services. Or, if their need is less immediate, it may motivate them to put you on their calendar for the near future.

Connecting with ex-clients is always a good sales strategy. Management consultant Peter Drucker estimated that the average company has a one in 14 chance of doing business with a prospect, but a one in four chance with a former customer.

At the very least, your letter may inspire those one-time customers to refer you to others.

Finally, it will enable you to overcome the "out of sight, out of mind" dilemma that sinks too many companies, too often.