AI is more than just a techy buzzword now, it’s a reality that is helping change lives and businesses for the better.

So, is it worth it to start using AI technology at your small business? The answer is a resounding yes! You can improve several components of your small business and brand using artificial intelligence.

Marketing campaigns

By now, you’ve probably heard of targeted ads, and this is a great example of how AI can help you create ads specific to your customers (and future employees).

If someone is searching for a service that your business can provide, then they can automatically start being targeted for your ads. When they click on the ad, AI will generate an algorithm that you can then use to help figure out your next step in the marketing campaign.

Your site can also include "recommendations" by having AI help predict the customer engagement. Say your customer is looking at one service — wouldn’t it be helpful if they could also be recommended a similar product or service with no extra work from you?

Content generation

Do you ever sit down in front of your computer with your marketing brain on, but no ideas are coming out? You know that you want to build on the success of one of your previous ads, but you don’t know how to create more content that is similar.

Well, sit back and relax, because AI can actually do this for you. It will use your previous ads/marketing campaigns and actually create more content based off the same patterns.

But don’t worry, it won’t be repetitive; it will build your brand’s consistency. AI has an important aspect of deep learning that will help generate content for you that makes sense to both your brand and your customers.

Helping your SEO

Search systems are using AI already; they are giving you search results based on a user's patterns and what they tend to click on.

AI is taking whatever is "trending" and inserting it for readers so that they can find the most updated content as quickly as possible. If your website is getting clicked on in Google, that customer will be shown your website again and again — making it more likely that they will purchase your product or service.

It will also generate more visuals that you can use in your SEO campaigns, because search is becoming more of a "visual" than a reading element. AI will optimize your images, words and links, leaving you to worry about all of the other parts of your company instead of looking up Excel sheets of SEO data.

Customer analysis

AI also gives you real data that you can use for optimal consumer understanding. For example, where they’re located; what age groups they are in; what gender or ethnicity they are; and what types of milestones they are reaching in life.

You will know exactly when to send your emails out, when to push certain products and how to generate more excitement at the optimal times. For example — if you found out that mostly women in their 20s are using your product, you know exactly who your audience is and how to cater to them.

You can now view exactly what your customers want; what they have already purchased from the internet; when the best time is to sell products to them; and also find new potential clients. Your sales teams will love having a better way of understanding your customers. If you search for AI CRM’s then you can find fantastic selling tools.

Don’t be afraid of AI, and start looking up ways that it can help your brand and company. You’ll be shocked to see how many options you have in the world of artificial intelligence.