If your company's website isn't attracting the traffic and business it could be and should be, consider the content. Is your website copy captivating and compelling? Or, in contrast, is it wordy and weak?

That's a pivotal issue, considering that yours is one of a billion websites vying for attention at a time when the attention span is limited. The average visit to a website today is estimated to be only four seconds and two clicks.

Given that minimal window, is your site working at maximum capacity? Not if it ...

  • lacks a powerful home page
  • doesn't differentiate you
  • isn't "mobile friendly"
  • lacks a call to action
  • is difficult to navigate
  • isn't updated regularly
  • contains too much "flash" and other special effects
  • has too much text
  • contains images that are too small
  • makes the user scroll sideways
  • uses busy backgrounds that make text difficult to read

Updating and upgrading your home page is vital if you want to generate more buzz and business from your website. Half of your visitors never go beyond this page, so it should contain a concise overview of who you are and what you do.

For starters, include on your home page a two-line personal profile, linking to your complete bio; and a brief summary of your services, linking to your full service page. Other components of a powerful home page: a branding phrase ("The area's only certified financial planning firm"), a clear call to action (buy this, download that, etc.) and a list of the benefits you offer.

The impact of the "About Us" section of your website may well determine whether your visitors stay or go away. After all, the most important sale you ever make is the personal one, and nothing differentiates your company more clearly than you and your team. Your personal profiles should spell out your special-ness and establish your expertise.

Think mobile as you revise your website, because more and more individuals use their phones to access the internet. Reduce the number of pages on your site, since mobile web pages load slower. Avoid using Java, since so many phones don't support it. And simplify text entry. Help reduce mobile text typing challenges by using dropdown menus, checklists and prepopulated fields.

There are many other ways to add "wow" to your website.

For one thing, you can make it interactive by adding Q&A columns, surveys and search boxes to get visitors involved. You can create credibility, by including testimonials and your physical address. You can keep it current through the use of fresh articles, blogposts, links, client profiles, etc.

And you can make it measurable by monitoring numbers of visitors, page views, when people visit and for how long, what sites send you traffic, etc.

You're better off with no website than a bad one. In these highly competitive times, you can't afford to have a site that hinders rather than helps you, and fails to attach enough value to who you are.

The good news is it may take only a few simple tweaks and content upgrades to get your site right.