No one truly wants to deal with negativity. But that doesn’t change the fact that negativity is everywhere, especially with social media connecting people more than ever before.

When you see a negative comment, review, post, text message, email or any other type of communication, science tells us that it actually does damage our brain. The toxic energy that comes from others can create an adverse reaction in our consciousness. So, what do we do?

The best way to deal with negativity is by being positive. Remember when your elementary school teacher taught that “You can catch more flies with honey?” It’s true!

Being full of optimism and choosing to view that negative comment in a positive way is the best way to combat it. Don’t just ignore it, but use mindfulness!

If something is truly bothering you, your brain is giving you signals and telling you to deal with it, not just ignore it. Read that negative email, but then sit back and process why it’s bothering you.

Is it something about their tone? Maybe they were just having a bad moment. Why should you let that ruin your attitude? Did they point out one of your own mistakes? That shame can be dealt with easier than you think.

Admitting your pain and trauma can help your brain step back and look at things objectively. Ignoring it will only cause it to bother you later again and again until you deal with it.

Social media, news websites and TV channels cause the constant negativity to be put on the forefront of our thoughts. Here are a few steps you can start implementing every time you see something negative.

  1. Mindfulness. Sit back and look at this objectively. Why is this making you sad/angry/upset?
  2. Make a conscious effort to control your reactions. You can’t always control the first thought, but you can definitely control the second, third and fourth.
  3. Switch the negative with positive. Be grateful for your emotions and your life, it is part of your story.
  4. Release it. Don’t hold onto the thought or ruminate on it. Who cares if someone is rude to you on the elevator or if your boss was having a bad day? Don’t let that bad energy or those bad vibes take over your own energy and inertia for the day.

The best way to deal with negativity is not to just cover it up and try to forget about it — it’s about feeling through it and letting go of things that don’t empower you.