Through our extensive travels in our motorhome, one place has made such a significant impression that I feel it should be a must-see on everyone's "bucket list." It's a place so unusual, so unspoiled, so profound, that I'm certain you will agree.

Though we have seen many spectacular sights and experienced some pretty amazing things, we have found nothing quite as awe-inspiring as this — California's redwoods.

Located in northern California, these ancient trees are several hundred years old some even dating back 2,000 years making them one of the oldest tree species in the world. They thrive in the cool, moist coastal climate of northern California, which has the ideal conditions of abundant winter rain and summer fog.

Because of their low resin content, the redwoods are resistant to fire. Their high tannin content is undesirable to insects, making disease spread nonexistent. They are also resistant to rot. This explains their longevity.

Named for the red-colored bark and heartwood, redwoods are famously known for their tremendous size. Redwood seedlings grow quickly about 1 foot per year. The average size of a full-grown redwood is 150 to 200 feet tall.

The "Champion Coast Redwood," though fallen, measures 370 feet tall. To put this in perspective, this is 200 feet taller than Niagara Falls and about the size of a 30-story building. Their diameter averages between 12 to 20 feet with some bark measuring 1-foot thick. Imagine, automobiles can drive through the trunks of them.

Telling someone about these majestic trees is one thing, but to really get a feel for their enormity is to see them in person. The best way to experience their awe-inspiring aspect is to take a drive through a redwood forest via the aptly named Avenue of the Giants.

This 31-mile stretch of highway goes through part of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park, which comprises 52,000 acres of redwoods. The easy drive allows you to see 17,000 acres of the old growth coast redwoods (Sequoia), which are the only redwoods native to northern California.

The Avenue of the Giants is located about two hours south of the Oregon border and five hours north of San Francisco. It is on California Highway 101, but our impression of it is not really what we think of a highway at all. It is paved and lined, but narrow sometimes coming so close to the trees that there is no edge separation.

The 101 is shaded and cool with glimpses of sunlight peeking through the fog-shrouded branches overhead. It twists and turns among the trees, offering close-up views of these magnificent trees without disturbing their growth. Probably the biggest thing we notice about this highway is its seclusion and lack of traffic. In fact, we only saw three other vehicles on the roadway the entire stretch of its 31 miles.

There are several places to pull off during the drive on Avenue of the Giants in order to explore the area further. Parking our RV at the base of one of these giant redwoods really puts their amazing size into perspective for us. We thought our RV was huge. It was actually dwarfed by the tree, making us feel like ants in comparison.

Once out of our RV, the first thing we noticed was the hush of our surroundings all sounds were muted, even our voices were swallowed up by the forest. A feeling of seclusion and peace enveloped us.

We noted the damp mist permeating the air. A musky fragrance overwhelmed our senses. The area was clean, protected and respected. There is a trail to follow, blanketed by wood chips and pine needles, leading us deeper into the forest. An uprooted redwood allowed us a look at its circumference even that is larger than our RV.

For those who have disability/mobility issues, the trails may be cumbersome, but areas near the highway are level enough for you to stand or sit beside the redwoods and actually touch them an impressive photo opportunity. Informative placards explain about the redwoods and surrounding forest, as well as the history of the area.

There are also other points of interest in the several villages that are accessible along the route. You can shop at the general store. You can visit the art galleries, appreciating the artists' woodworking and glass-blowing talents. You can picnic at one of the many pull-offs, surrounded by many of nature's wonders.

Most of all, you can allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the enormity and magnificence of the ancient, majestic redwoods. Our drive on Avenue of the Giants was a truly awe-inspiring journey one that changed our perspective in life and one we'll never forget.