Creating a new spa menu (or adding to an existing one) is a task that requires a solid strategy.

The inspiration for your spa menu is closer than you think. Expanding your spa menu offerings is easy — if you look to your own clients, staff and current business relationships for insight and support.

Here are my insider tips for bringing new menu offerings into your spa or medical spa.

1. Survey your clients

Instead of guessing and hoping that you will bring in a new machine or service your clients will love, be sure that you will by asking them first. It seems almost too easy, but if you have questions then get answers you need right from the horse's mouth.

It's as simple as offering a 10 percent discount on their next product purchase or service in exchange for participating in a five-to-eight-question survey. A small incentive for your clients to throw in their two cents is worth it for you as a spa owner. Knowing exactly what your clients desire and delivering it will create long-lasting, loyal relationships.

2. Inquire with your staff

Estheticians, massage therapists and most other practitioners will tell you that as soon as the treatment room door closes, clients tend to spill the beans about just about anything on their mind. Don't be shy about asking your staff what clients are asking for in the privacy of the treatment room. All the answers you seek may just be under your nose.

Staff members may not always feel comfortable or confident speaking up at staff meetings or approaching management with their ideas and leads, so go to them and see what kind of feedback they have been getting from clients you may be surprised.

On the other side of that coin, members of your staff may posses talents, skills and certifications that may be unknown and underutilized at your spa. Don't be so quick to interview and hire new employees when you want to expand your spa offerings and treatment menu look from within.

Many staff members stay quiet about the training and certifications they obtain outside of your spa. You may have an employee already certified in the newest peel technique or facial tool, so be sure to ask them what they are into and what is exciting to them in the industry now.

3. Look to your competition

As a spa owner, if you are hearing more and more about the interesting services your competition is providing and want to do more yourself, then go for it but put your own spin on it.

Bringing in the newest lasers or injectable treatments is key to keeping your clients happy. The trick, however, is to figure out how to integrate new offerings into your treatment menu in a way that stays true to your brand.

Perhaps intertwine a clinical modality like LED, radio frequency or microcurrent with a classic European facial. Or add holistic therapies like lymphatic drainage or aromatherapy into a clinical protocol. Keep your clients guessing about how you will be innovating in the field don't just copy what others are doing.

4. Work with your existing vendors

If you already have solid, established relationships with your current product and equipment vendors, then ask them about what's new in the industry. Their companies may have something new coming to the market soon that you could get an exclusive on.

Vendors can also let you in on what spas in other regions or countries are doing, to give you a fresh, new perspective on the industry. Furthermore, current reps and vendors may be willing to offer a discount to you because you have a rapport.

As always, be sure to ask your vendors for promotional materials and media coverage and to come support an event or launch party at your spa. Product and equipment companies have budgets designed to support their accounts and can be one of your greatest resources when expanding your spa menu.

5. Partner with other businesses

So you want to offer something new at your spa and be certain it will be a success? I suggest partnering with another business like a bridal boutique, gym or yoga studio to offer something that their clients need or want. By partnering with a nonspa business, you are practically guaranteed to get daily referrals (or even in-house advertising and promotion) at their facility.

A bridal boutique may want a trusted partner to refer makeup, skincare and lash clients to. A gym will send clients to you who may want help with cellulite, spray tans or massage. The possibilities are really endless.

Think outside the box and see not only what your clients would like to see on your menu, but also what neighboring businesses' clients would like.