When it comes to the spa industry — or any service industry, for that matter customer service is paramount. How you make your clients feel via memorable, five-star experiences is key to having a successful business.

Positive experiences that make lasting impressions keep clients coming back and referring their friends to you. Follow these four service standards and see how your clientele grows and flourishes year after year.

1. Make sure your staff act friendly and use a pleasant tone of voice

Whether on the phone or in-person, be sure that staff has a friendly attitude. Only hire individuals who are naturally upbeat, friendly and positive, without exception. Clients can pick up negative vibes in less than a few seconds, so it's crucial to have staff members that smile often with a genuinely caring nature.

Remember: A trip to the spa is not a necessity for most people; it is a choice. Clients choose to return to a spa that makes them feel welcomed, listened to and cared for.

2. Make your client feel like a star

Always address your clients by their first name or preferred title. Use their name as much as possible when addressing them. There is no sweeter sound to anyone's ears than the sound of their own name so use it often.

Remember your clients' preferences and write them down. Know any and all allergies, food preferences, music, lighting and locker room amenity choices.

Our clients leave their hectic lives behind to come to our spa and feel pampered. Focus on giving your clients the celebrity treatment because if you do not, someone else will.

3. Create a relaxing sanctuary

Clients go to a spa to be transported to a place free from stress, noise, obligations and toxic vibes. Make sure your spa has a policy on small children, cellphone usage and pets.

Be sure that spa phones and other electronic equipment/alerts are not too loud or jarring. Make sure that treatment rooms are organized so that quiet areas are maintained (e.g. don't put a hair salon with dryers roaring next to a massage room).

Proper lighting and music are key ambient elements to maintain. Aromatherapy, modern furnishings, cleanliness and fresh flowers also make your space top notch.

4. Always follow through with your promises

Whether you've promised to call a client back about a promotion, create an appointment or set them up with a referral, always follow through. Clients feel valued and exceptionally cared for when you do what you say you'll do.

It may seem simple or obvious, but in today's age of robo-calls, 30-minute wait times on hold and dropped calls, great customer service is the most refreshing and surprising thing ever. Keep your clients singing your praises by paying close attention to their needs and requests and actually following through on them.