Attitude counts for a great deal of your daily performance and can usually be summed up as "He had a terrible attitude" or "She has a really upbeat attitude."

Your attitude toward work might impact your career more than you realize. A negative attitude can not only hinder you as an employee, but it can also bring the entire morale of the office down.

A known characteristic of successful individuals is their ability to maintain a positive attitude. Successful people think differently and produce better outcomes because their response is guided by a positive and proactive outlook. Their mindset is not occupied by negativity and, as a result, they are able to focus their energy on exploring solutions, taking action and consistently growing.

Attitude determines how you interpret and experience events, and therefore strategies and tactics you'll follow in the future. In the workplace, your attitude defines your level of success, affecting every member of an organization, determining morale, efficiency and team-building skills.

Did you know your attitude is one of the few things in life over which you have total control? If you want to perform at your best and maximize your happiness, take control of the power behind your attitude. Remember, your attitude is something that you are doing, not a character trait.

You are the architect of your frame of mind. Therefore, an essential key to success is to train your mind. Developing and maintaining a positive attitude is a skill that must be learned and practiced.

To train your mind, follow these seven tips:

1. Be grateful: Wake up each morning with a positive outlook about what the day has to offer. Write down three things you are gracious for, not to mention the fact that you are awake and spending another day with boundless opportunities.

2. Stay centered: Once you gain your morning peace, it's important to keep that positive energy flowing throughout the day. Practice yoga, meditation, nature walks or any activity to put your mind at ease. Well-centered exercise will put your spirit at peace and help you remain positive.

3. Stay active:Maintain a daily schedule of activities to keep yourself on course. When your energy is focused on completing your own tasks, negative energy is far off. Any surprises the day may bring will be ineffective if you continually work to stay centered.

4. Eat, drink and sleep well: Healthy eating habits and a consistent sleep schedule will always be your greatest tool. Lack of a well-balanced diet leaves you defenseless to the days' tasks, and too little sleep can cause irritability. Eat healthy foods, drink lots of water and sleep eight hours or more as often as you can.

5. Help others: It sounds pretty simple, but helping others actually helps yourself. Sustaining an upbeat environment by spreading your own positive energy where you see negativity will keep you positive throughout the day, and the energy will come back to you tenfold.

6. Subconscious retraining and inner healing work: Affirmations and tapping are examples of exercises to release past negative experiences you're unknowingly holding. When a wound is showered with love and positive energy, it can heal and the fear will be released. You'll then reach a truly positive spirit and begin to understand how to maintain this peace.

7. Follow your passion: Do what you love. If your current job is not bringing you consistent inner happiness, it may be time for a change. Think of things you love to do and compare them with your current lifestyle. That may be the missing link on your path to happiness.

Regardless of your chosen career, your eternal job and the foundation of your life's work, is your attitude. Your attitude has a profound impact on the way you communicate, collaborate, lead others, perform daily tasks and contribute to the culture of your work environment.

Ultimately, attitude shapes your success and happiness. The person with the best attitude will always win.