Tourism is a multibillion-dollar industry that brings employment to all corners of the world. Tourism has the ability to create a livelihood for people who might not otherwise have an outlet to make a living, especially if they have limited access to education and/or have poor infrastructure that prevents them from travelling to and from a place of work.

Tourism also allows cultures to mix and create a more diverse world, and it opens people's eyes up to amazing experiences, people and scenery. World Tourism Day is a United Nations-backed day held every Sept. 27 since 1980. The day was created celebrate global tourism for its contribution to world development and prosperity.

Since 1997, World Tourism Day has been designated to a host country, and this year's host is the Middle Eastern country of Qatar. Each year also has a theme, and this year it's about tourism's connection to sustainability and sustainable development. The day focuses on the principles of how tourism makes a positive impact socially, culturally, economically and politically.

The infographic provides some more insight about World Tourism Day.