In today's current work environment, soft skills are losing to the role of technology. With smartphones, tablets and all forms of social media, soft skills can get lost in the shuffle.

What exactly are soft skills? They are attributes that will help you in both business and in life. Here are just a few of them listed below.


Because we depend upon our mobile devices for communication, having a conversation with someone in person is becoming a thing of the past. But communication is the most vital soft skill that all people should be able to do.

Talking, as well as listening, to one another is priceless. Being able to talk clearly and concisely is a great tool in a leader's toolbox. Communicating with consistency helps everyone working in an organization and goes a long way in achieving success for all.

Critical thinking

Having the power to think critically is the gold standard by which leaders set themselves apart. Being able to judiciously analyze a situation is a great asset to an organization and in life.

It is essential that critical thinking and communication be the top two soft skills for a leader. Critical thinking enables people to better evaluate what needs to be done, and they can present their conclusions in a better manner.


Making decisions is difficult, and people tend to make it even harder on themselves. They end up with analysis paralysis, where no choices are made simply because there too many options.

"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision," leadership expert Peter Drucker stated.

Be that courageous decision-maker; take the reins and be bold. Everyone makes mistakes, but many are missteps due to hesitancy. It is better to decide and, if wrong, use it as a learning tool. Too often, indecisiveness can result nothing being achieved.

Leaders must set an example to show that outcomes are attained from results-driven solutions.


Technology has become so overwhelming, that connecting with people one-on-one is becoming less prominent. From telecommuting to video conferencing, technology has made life easier and more difficult at the same time.

In today's organizations, it can be challenging to get together in person. However, the development of those personal relationships will make or break an organization, a friendship or a business deal.

Spheres of influence are increased by making connections with others. This soft skill will help in improving communication, and over time promote the necessary bonds that we as human beings all need.