As a marketer, you have no doubt needed to proceed with caution when it comes to product messaging during the pandemic. It's a delicate dance: you've got to respect your customers' focus on buying mostly essential items. You also need to respect the fact that they most likely have had to conserve spending over the past months, so they've chosen lower-priced product options.

As the pandemic continues, however, consumers will want to refocus their attention on your top-selling items once again out of need, the ability to spend a bit more, or for a much-needed impulse splurge.

How do you reposition these products in the marketplace delicately, fairly and appealingly? A phased-in marketing approach, in which you gradually reintroduce these products into your content across your platforms and on your website, is the smart way to go.

What is the appropriate way to put together the perfect phased-in plan, so you can get your customers' attention and get a fast profit boost? Emphasize the following five key messaging points and you'll see results:

Repurpose your copy wisely.

According to SEMrush, repurposing content involves adding to or heavily revising your content to add more value — especially blog posts. Not only does repurposing previously published content about your top-selling products boost your SEO, but you can take info your customers are familiar with and tweak it to fit their needs now as their lifestyles have likely changed quite dramatically during the pandemic.

How can you do this the right way? By updating your keyword data. Do a deep dive to ensure that the phrasing you're using is still relevant. Put your emphasis on phrasing that speaks to your products' usefulness and practicality first. Also, phrases that demonstrate your products bring fun and comfort will be very well-received right now, so shift your info to reflect this and you'll grab a wider demographic of customers.

Try modulizing.

Sitecore explains that modulizing, or breaking down info about your products into microcontent, allows you to emphasize the previously established strengths of what you're selling. You can, for example, reuse snippets that adapt well to voice devices by focusing your content on good product reviews. This is the perfect way to remind your audience of an item's enduring quality and usefulness.

Revive your greatest hits.

Convince and Convert finds that the simple act of tweaking your most effective past ads via deconstructing, repackaging, and republishing may be all you need to do to boost sales.

Check customer feedback to see what content has struck a home run in the past and review the content to make sure it is appropriate for today's more sensitive climate. Most likely, if it was a big hit, the appeal is universal enough that you may not have to adjust much at all, and you can start running it again immediately.

Use people upfront in your ads.

During the pandemic, consumers have felt comforted and reassured when seeing friendly human faces in the ads they consume. Insert happy graphics featuring images of positive folks in your content — maybe even your customers who agree to participate — and you've got yourself a marketing winner.

Revamp your product messaging for virtual conferences.

Phased-in marketing doesn't only work in terms of direct consumer pitching. It can also be highly effective when you're advertising at online conferences your customers used to attend in person (think trade shows).

Share the content you've developed for the products you are now focusing on with current and potential business partners early and often, too. Your approach will be fresh and timely in terms of building fresh excitement around your brand — that's the best way to bring lots of new fans onboard with you, now and for the future.