We all know one of those people who seem to always be entering this race, that event and undertaking yet another challenge. And often they’re asking for sponsorship.

Let’s face it, it can be pretty annoying having to always put your hand in your pocket for their latest escapade, and even more annoying hearing all about their training, injuries, personal sacrifices and, of course, the post-event day rundown.

However, if you’ve never taken part in such an event, be it a race (running/cycling, etc.), endurance event (long distance walks, etc.) or challenge (think skydiving/bungee jumping), then here’s why I think you should!

Push yourself

It’s pretty easy to just coast along with most things — work, family life, exercise routine.

While sometimes this is fine, you’re happy and content as you are, do you ever wonder what you could achieve if you really set your mind on it? If you really committed to an idea, a plan and a date?

Many people use these races and events as a way of keeping themselves motivated, keeping life interesting and challenging their own abilities. Have you always thought you’d love to run a marathon but don’t think you can do it? Start small: Run a mile, enter a 5K race and see where that takes you!

Sense of achievement

While on some days the training, fundraising and organizing can all feel a bit too much, imagine the sense of achievement you’ll feel when you’ve completed your event! This has got to be the biggest reason that people take part in races and challenges, the sense of achievement.

Imagine looking back at your training and seeing how far you’ve come. From not being able to run a whole mile, to running 13 or 26!

It’s a wonderful feeling to know you’ve achieved something. It might just give you the confidence and motivation to achieve something else. Maybe a further distance, a different event, or even a personal or life change.


The sense of camaraderie at such events is like no other. Everyone there, on that day, running or cycling that race, or climbing that mountain is there together, doing it together. They understand the effort you’ve put in to even get to this point. They more than likely are feeling the same exhaustion as you, but they’re still egging you on!

It’s a great way of making friends. I know people who run regular races and have created a whole new friendship group through their running. They met people who otherwise they would not have met and would seemingly have nothing in common with, except running!

New fitness levels

Stuck in a rut with your exercise? Don’t really do any exercise and need a kick up the butt? Don’t like commercial gyms and exercise classes? An event might just be for you!

Most events require some form of training, whether it’s walking, running, cycling or some strength or flexibility training. So, signing up for something gives you a target and a deadline. You need to get going or you won’t be ready, and you might not finish.

Many people need something booked into their calendar to give them the motivation to get out and train. Obviously, with this comes an increase in fitness.

If you book something different to your usual form of exercise, you’ll also notice a change in your fitness. For example, if you usually go for a run a couple of times a week, committing to a hike on hilly terrain will more than likely benefit your running by strengthening your butt muscles!


Raising money for a charity that has a special meaning to you is a lovely thing to do. It feels great to know that you’ve helped without having to shell out all that money yourself. It may be choosing a cancer charity after you lost your mum to the disease, or a local dog rescue home where you found your beloved four-legged companion.

Whatever charity you choose to support benefits greatly every year from people donating sponsorship money from their challenges. The added extra bonus is how good it makes you feel, too!

So, if you’ve never taken part in any form of event like this, I really urge you to give it a go. There are so many types of events out there now, suitable for all ages and abilities.

Anything from a simple run in your local park, to a walk along a famous pathway, or up a mountain. Run through mud, over obstacles, get chased by zombies or covered in powder paint! Jump out of a plane, abseil down a tall landmark or climb the stairs up the world’s tallest building!

Whatever you fancy, just do it! Make life less ordinary; challenge yourself; make some friends; feel good about yourself; get fitter and raise some money for charity all at the same time!