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In preparation for a recent prospect meeting, I attempted to look up the profiles on LinkedIn of the executives whom I would be meeting with. To my surprise, half the team wasn’t on LinkedIn and the other half might as well have not been, as their profiles and connections weren’t very robust.

Ironically, the purpose of my meeting was to explore a project related to pulling in top talent. Here’s what I told them that might be helpful to you.

Jobs today are filled through social media.

Regardless of how you may personally feel about social media, this is how many jobs are filled today. This means that if you’re serious about hiring talent, in particular professional talent, then you have no choice but to participate.

You must show up daily and make an effort to connect.

Social media is no different than attending a function, in terms of networking and making connections.

Many of us are guilty of attending an association dinner and then standing by ourselves at the bar, with a drink in our hand, while others are actively engaged in conversation. We make no effort to start a conversation and then wonder why we bothered to attend something that was billed as a networking event.

The more effort you put into making connections on places like LinkedIn, the better your results will be. Make it a point to post daily on whatever social media platform you choose to use.

Highlight an event that’s recently taken place at your company or welcome a new employee into the fold. When doing so, be sure to include some pictures that reflect your post.

Reach out to at least two new people a day with a request to connect. Consider accepting connection requests from people whom you believe you can help or may be able to help you.

Choose your platforms carefully.

I’m not on Instagram, nor do I have plans to be there anytime soon, as that’s not where my prospects hang out. However, if you’re looking to pull in entry-level workers, then this may be the place for you.

Ask your most recent new hires what social media platforms they use the most. Then make it a point to spend some time on that platform.

Be patient.

As of today, I have almost 28,000 Followers on LinkedIn andthousands of connections. This didn’t happen overnight, nor did this occur without any effort on my part.

Every day, I look to add value, and as a result people are reaching out to me to connect. You should be looking to do the same.

Cast your net wide and far.

In terms of social media, numbers matter. Here’s why.

The more people following you or connecting with you (whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn) the greater your ability to influence. Every time you post, you have an opportunity to pull people towards you. The wider your net, the more likely you’ll catch some fish (or in this case, some people interested in talking with you about a job opportunity with you).

Social media is here to stay. It’s time to get online and start filling jobs!