Picture it. The scene is intense. The ambiance is notable. The electricity is never questioned. Most importantly, the people are excited.

This is the scenario every phenomenal DJ wants to experience the minute he puts on that first song. According to Magnetic Magazine, a good DJ "knows music better than you, better than your friends, better than everyone on the dance floor or in the record shop. Some DJs know their chosen genre better than anyone else on the planet."

Think about it: A great DJ and a great leader in the workplace have a lot in common — more than some may assume. You want your leader to control his audience, maintain a high-spirited atmosphere and keep the level of in-office electricity at an all-time high. You want your leader to be the person who is the expert in his field.

According to an article from Entrepreneur, there are 22 qualities that make a great leader, and four of these critical qualities are also crucial for a great DJ:

1. Integrity

If a DJ doesn't know his musical fan base or can't read the vibe of a room while spinning, then how can he be taken seriously? Quick answer: He can't. Integrity is everything here.

Integrity allows you to show your authenticity, which is huge for any leader. A great leader will know everything he speaks, and he'll also know the ins and outs of everything he teaches his employees.

2. Inspiration

Inspiration is what drives you out of bed every morning. A good DJ is inspired by the music he plays, the people he plays it for and the emotions felt when everything comes together.

Inspiration is what makes good leaders want to be great — and great leaders want to be exceptional. A leader is inspired by success for himself and for his team. He understands that if he wins, his team wins and vice versa.

3. Passion

There are DJs out there who will admit that they will play only what the crowd wants and, oftentimes, not what they listen to off the clock. But you can bet that when it's time to spin, they're playing every record as if it's their last.

Some may say that inspiration and passion go hand in hand. You can't be inspired without having passion for what you do, and a good leader can't be passionate about success without having some form of high-level inspiration. You must love what you do. And in order to be successful, you can't fake it until you make it no matter what anyone says.

It's all about going the extra mile something a true leader will do in any environment. Employees will appreciate a great leader for that, as they know he's doing a service for them.

4. Confidence

That star DJ is going to play tracks he knows in the back of his mind will not only rock a party but also keep that party going for hours. A great leader is going to be equally assertive in every decision made and extremely positive in whatever the path chosen.

Doing that, along with showing a great attitude toward your co-workers (or party audience if you're a DJ) will gain respect and perhaps most importantly trust.

The next time you're in an environment where a live DJ is controlling the room, watch his actions. See how well he controls the room. Notice whether or not that room sees him as the person on the mountain top.

A great DJ will always be the strongest player in his room. Much like a great leader.

Control the room. Move the crowd. Achieve greatness. Repeat.