Volunteering can mean different things to different people. When I think of volunteering, I think of two things. One is giving time to a project or organization that is near and dear to your heart.

The second is volunteering in exchange for full hookup (FHU). This means volunteering one’s time in exchange for an RV site. Many people participate in work camping, which is completely different from volunteering. With work camping, you get the FHU as well as an hourly income.

In this article, we will discuss non-monetary rewards of volunteering while on the road.

I have volunteered in different ways while traveling; ways one might not think of. Do you have a special talent? A craft or hobby? Do you sew, crochet, bake, or create artwork?

I want you to think about what it is you love to do, because when it comes to volunteering your time, it is important that you enjoy what you are doing. Love shines through your talents.

For example, I am a crocheter. I have crocheted red newborn and preemie hats for the American Red Cross. I have created hats and booties for Heartbeats. I have donated crocheted purple hats to aid in the awareness of shaken baby syndrome.

One year, I created 19 hats for the local homeless shelter in my hometown. While those are worthy causes, I have one organization that is near and dear to my heart; Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Turban Project.

While the organization is more about sewing, it gladly accepted my artistry of crocheted character hats for the cancer patients at a hospital. I created everything from Minions and princesses to Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

There is never a shortage of needs in this world. So, think about how your efforts could best be spent. Many times, nursing homes need blankets for patients.

I know when traveling there can be a lack of storage space. I used totes. I donated often, so I did not accumulate a lot of items. You can physically drop them at a set location, such as the Red Cross, or mail them to the organization.

Be sure to check with the company you are donating to; sometimes they can pay for the shipping or send gift cards to aid with the cost. I was able to solicit donations from those who were financially willing to aid in my efforts. I truly appreciated their contributions. They made it possible for me to work my creations and, as a team, we have blessed many men, women and children over the years.

Many times, we want to help, but due to laws or regulations we can’t. So, please be sure to do your research before you put forth a great deal of effort. You do not want to waste your valuable time.

One place I always wanted to volunteer was Give Kids the World. They have given so much to my family that it is only right we give back. My daughter, who is now 19 years old, had stage 4 kidney cancer at the age of three.

Doctors told me she would not make it, and to take her home and let her live out her time here on earth. She was granted one wish by Make-A-Wish Foundation. Her wish was to go to Disney World. In part of that wish, she was granted a stay at Give Kids the World. Thankfully she survived and to this day still loves to visit Give Kids the World.

I recently also learned of volunteers who travel and help build ministries and homes for those in need. They at times live in rough conditions like cold weather, hot temperatures and bug-infested areas.

That is something to think about when planning where to volunteer. Will you need mosquito nets? Snow boots? Or sunscreen? If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, check out Workamper News.

When it comes to volunteering on the road, I think it really comes down to what is in your heart, what your special talent is, and where the need is. Volunteering helps pass the time, brings joy to those lives you are touching, and puts a smile on your face, too.