Sometimes, the firearms training industry gets in a rut…and people get very emotional about techniques that they read about or see on videos without ever testing them.

One of the sacred cows of gun training is that you should squeeze the life out of your pistol, get as much meat on metal as possible, and push in from the sides to manage recoil effectively.

I heard, believed, and taught that for years.

I’ve never been married to a specific technique…only to the most effective and efficient technique, so when Larry Yatch and Beau Doboszenski showed me the “Vice Grip,” I tested and adopted it.

The Vice Grip applies force in the same plane as the recoil forces of the gun (forward and backwards) to give you the most mechanical advantage.

You get better recoil management with less effort than if you squeeze in from the side. But people dismiss it without actually trying it.

So, I took things to the extreme…and I’m going to show you how you can effectively manage recoil…even from a .45…with only to fingers touching the grip and nothing touching the sides of the gun. Keep in mind, the video at the top is NOT a how-to video. It’s a demonstration.

This is a prime example of how high leverage training can get you better results with less effort. And why we’re consistently able to help shooters shoot two times faster, with two times tighter groups in only 21 days for less than the cost of a single trip to the range with this training.

When you squeeze 100% with your shooting hand, one of the things that happens is that your trigger finger doesn’t move freely…when you try to press the trigger, your other fingers and sometimes your wrist will flex with it, throwing your shot off.

But if you could squeeze with less force, applied more intelligently, you can have better recoil management and faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

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