When you think of social media during the holiday season, your mind likely jumps to your marketing strategy and the corresponding number of impressions, clicks and sales.

For your followers, their goal is much simpler, and dare we say, heartwarming. When asked what they want from brands during the holiday season on social, the largest segment of consumers said holiday cheer, found Sprout Social's research. After all, isn’t that the reason for the season?

As you queue up promotional posts and share your Black Friday deals, break up the monotony. Mix in messages that aren’t trying to sell. Share small stories and sentiments that capture the joy, beauty and humanity of the holiday season.

Plus, because it’s what your consumers want from you, it will build positive sentiment. And we’ve seen time and time again that can lead to loyal customers.

Keep doing right by your current and soon-to-be customers during the holidays. Here’s what shoppers wish for on your company’s social media account this season.

Promotional messages or deals

Nearly 20 percent of consumers want to see more promotional posts from your brand, according to Sprout Social. After users have seen those feel-good posts, they want to hear about the deals.

Be sure to share the hottest deals, promo codes and limited-time offers on social. If you really want to wow your social audience, share the deals a bit earlier with them. Or better yet, create deals that are exclusively for your social fans.

A quick answer to Facebook or Twitter posts

Today’s consumers are more likely to ask a question on your brand’s social accounts than your customer service hotline. For almost 14 percent of your social followers, this is what they want most from your brand this holiday season, studies show. When they ask, they want you to answer.

While that sounds simple, the logistics get complicated. This season, the average retailer will receive over 3,000 messages on social. Most shoppers expect a response on Facebook or Twitter within one hour, according to a Lithium Technologies study.

Though leading brands take two hours to respond, and the average brand doesn’t answer for eleven hours. Set a realistic goal on how quickly your social team can accurately answer social messages.

Keep it local

70 percent of shoppers are more likely to click on a Facebook ad that relates to their area, found G/O Digital. For locally-owned businesses, this is a significant marketing advantage.

Residents often opt to shop local during the holidays, as you’ve seen in the recent success of Small Business Saturday. But even larger businesses can capitalize on this local momentum. Create Facebook ads for different regions that showcase your business’s connection to the area and its charms.

Purchase directly on social

Fifty-nine percent of Facebook users want to make purchases directly on Facebook this holiday season, found Astound Commerce. Luckily for you, this has never been easier to implement. With a few clicks, you can take orders, book appointments, sell tickets and sell products directly on Facebook. Here’s how to set that up.