Some people are fortunate enough to love their jobs. I think that most physical therapists would fall into this category. We are in a great line of work, for many reasons.

Around this time of year, it is important to reflect, be thankful and look forward to what’s to come, so I thought I would write a little lighthearted post to celebrate being a PT!

1. Job Satisfaction

Top of the list has to be job satisfaction. We get to make such a massive difference to so many people’s lives. Whether it’s helping someone to play their sport again; improving their performance; getting someone back to work or even having a positive effect on debilitating pain, it’s such a great feeling to really help someone.

Knowing you’ve made a difference to someone which has helped to improve their movement, pain levels, personal best or quality of life is great. Being able to say, “today at work I made a difference” is a lovely feeling to have.

2. Wide Ranging Opportunities

This line of work can take you almost anywhere! The opportunities range from private practice to professional sports teams, to special educational and disability schools to the armed forces.

You could be employed in a clinic, a hospital, an army base, or a school. You might be self-employed and either visit clients in their own homes or set up your own clinic. Not many occupations have such a wide reach in terms of possibilities and there’s one out there to suit us all.

3. Flexible Hours

Who doesn’t love flexible working? Whilst this may vary depending on the setting in which you are employed, not many therapists work standard office hours.

Yes, this means we may have to work some evening or weekend shifts, but hey, the shops are quieter on a Monday morning anyway, right? As is the gym. Hooray for avoiding the after-work gym rush!

4. Free Treatments

If you are lucky enough to work with colleagues you may even be getting some free treatment. I know I do!

We offer up free treatments to each other when necessary, knowing the favor will be repaid somewhere along the line. You might even squeeze this into your working day if you both have a little spare time. Yet another perk!

5. Chatting to Clients

I love a good chin wag and many longer-term clients become like friends. They come in for their treatment and we have a good natter whilst I’m working on them.

It becomes like going to work to see your friends, which is a lovely thing to do. Especially when your “friends” pay you and bring you all manner of gifts! I’ve had everything from fresh produce from their gardens, eggs, clothes, chocolates, an ordinance survey map and the odd bottle of wine at Christmas!

These are my top five perks. I’m sure there are plenty more that I haven’t thought of and they will be different for everyone. Whatever your favorite parts of your PT job are, I’m sure there aren’t many other professions out there that can match it!