Online job recruitment is here to stay, and just about everyone is doing it. Like print ads, your goal is to stand out from the competition. But that's where the similarity ends.

In today's fast-paced environment, job candidates are quickly surfing the internet for the next big wave, or in this case, job opportunities. Here are some tips to help you capture their attention and optimize your online recruiting investment:

1. Organize your content

Present your content (job description, company info, etc.) in an easy-to-read format, one that you would find appealing to read.

2. Be specific

Provide job seekers with enough information so they can decide if this position is appropriate for them. Include the job title, a brief overview of the position, job requirements, necessary education, key employee benefits, and contact information in your posting.

3. Use traditional titles

The title "Computer Geek" might stand out in a field of job postings but your posting might not come up when candidates search with traditional job titles.

Stick to established job titles. This way you know you won't get missed.

4. Tell job seekers what's in it for them

Tell job seekers upfront what's in it for them. Describe your culture using terms that appeal to the type of candidates you are trying to attract. For example, if you are a hip California based-technology company looking for an outside sales rep, consider starting your posting off by asking candidates to envision themselves cruising the California Coast in their convertible as they follow up on established leads.

5. Tighten job specifications

Rather than saying "five plus years' experience," consider saying "5-7 years' experience required." This will help minimize the number of responses you receive from overqualified candidates.

6. Use important keywords

Candidates search online job databases using keywords. Include keywords that are unique to the job, so your job posting is easily found.

7. Be concise

Less is better. Focus primarily on what job seekers need to know. Direct them to your website for the details.

8. Disclose your company name in the job posting

Candidates are hesitant to apply for jobs without knowing the name of the employer. Whenever possible, reveal your company name. This will increase the number of qualified respondents, particularly those with industry experience.

9. Provide location

Many online job postings encourage candidates to apply for positions electronically and no longer include a snail mail address. Remember to include your town so candidates can assess whether the position is geographically desirable.

10. Provide the company URL

Make it easy for readers to find your website. Include a direct link to your website in your posting.

11. Include preferred method of contact

Let candidates know the method of contact you prefer.

12. Proof your posting

It's important to avoid typos, particularly when posting jobs online. If the job title is misspelled, your job opportunity might be missed entirely.

13. Know your audience

Candidates who use the internet for job searching are generally computer-savvy. Make sure there are electronic ways to apply to your job posting.

14. Quality, not quantity

Keep in mind the goal is to attract quality candidates — not to gather a huge stack of resumes.

15. Be creative

Take some chances and measure success based on the number of quality hires you make as a direct result of your online posting.