Even though I have a shower in my RV, I prefer to use the campground showers. Normally, there is more room, and I don’t have to worry about how much fresh water we have and what space is left in the gray water tank.

Over the years, I have seen a lot of different campground showers. Some have been gorgeous while others leave something to be desired. I am continuously amazed at the variation in what is provided. Here’s my description of the perfect shower.

1. Free

This reminds me of the old pay toilets. I have already paid for the campsite. I don’t care if you only charge a quarter for three minutes of time; it is the principle of the thing.

I don’t want to pay for a shower. This is one of the few times that I use the RV shower, which still means the campground is providing the electricity to heat the water along with the clean water and the dump station space.

Then I put that campground on the list of ones I don’t want to visit again.

2. Clean

The second most important thing is a clean shower area. In most cases that means the park staff cleans at least once a day. I certainly don’t want to see the same mess from another camper day after day.

Also, while I understand this is the great outdoors, attempt to brush down those spider webs in the corners and the ceiling a few times a year! Tiled floors and walls are great, but if they are full of mold, I’d prefer clean painted concrete.

3. Hot Water

I don’t spend a lot of time in the shower, but I do want hot water for the length of the shower. This also includes having controls that are easy to understand so I’m not turning the knob right and left trying to figure out where the hot water is located.

As long as we are talking about perfect, I don’t want to awkwardly wait naked outside the shower for minutes until the hot water gets to the shower head.

I also hate those push button showers where you must push every 10 seconds (I count!). I’ve had ones that go three minutes. I always feel bad hitting those buttons again for the last few seconds of rinsing. The ones that go about 45 seconds work best for me.

These are the showers on display at Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. They don’t make them like this anymore!

4. Private Space

I’ve showered in a large open area with no privacy at all. That was the worst, since this isn’t high school gym class. Other campgrounds have had group changing areas but private showers.

The perfect shower has a private section for changing and a section for the shower. Preferably, the walls go to the floor (I don’t like to see my neighbor searching for their lost soap) and the two sections have curtains or doors for both privacy and so my clothes don’t get wet from the shower.

5. Lots of Hooks

I’ve seen gorgeous tiled showers that are clean with plenty of room and hot water but nowhere to put my clothes. I end up putting things in a far corner or over the door.

I like having plenty of hooks for my shower bag, my towel, and several for my dirty clothes and my clean clothes. While having a bench is nice, the stuff laying on it can get wet and garbage from previous campers tends to accumulate here. Give me hooks anytime.

Have I missed something? What is your perfect shower?