When it comes to drowning out the various loud sounds in an office environment, noise-canceling options come in all forms. Whether it's the best headphones on the market to detect ambient noise or taking the old-school approach of buying earplugs, there are several ways to silence the loudmouths who surround you on a daily basis.

One company has recently made noise cancellation a major topic of discussion. Chalk it up to how you'll ultimately look when you arrive to your office and how you'll look while working.

Ukrainian design firm Hochu rayu has put together the Helmfon, a large helmet — large being the key word designed to completely block out office noises. Per its website, the Helmfon is a "device in a form of helmet, which thanks to the system of active sound absorption allows to concentrate in open working spaces."

Now there are many features to like about it, but it's almost a guarantee that the helmet's appearance is the first thing your co-workers will notice. Think the movie "Spaceballs" from the 1980s.

The big question: Are you more concerned with how others see you or the results of the device? Currently a prototype, the Helmfon "fully reflects the outside sound waves and thus makes the process of working comfortable, with no outside noise," per the Hochu rayu website. The helmet additionally gives the user personal space obviously.

The goal of the Helmfon is to give its user full concentration and productivity during office hours. (Image: Hochu rayu)

The Helmfon is made of multiple noise-reducing materials, including a glass fiber on the outside and membrane cloth with foamed polyethylene on the inside. From a technological standpoint, the helmet has its own system board that includes a microphone, speakers, accumulator, magnifier and a compartment for a smartphone.

Technically, the helmet allows the user to watch videos, organize Skype conferences, answer phone calls and more. Per CNET Magazine, Hochu rayu designed the Helmfon "while trying to work out ways employees can Skype at their desks without bothering their co-workers."

The helmet also is accompanied with nitro paint which means you can cater your helmet to your personal desire. If you didn't think you looked like a comic book character before putting the helmet on, just imagine how you'd feel if your helmet was customized with the paint of your choice?

The goal of the Helmfon is to give its user full concentration and productivity during office hours. According to an article by designboom, the helmet also is a great way to save office space.

"Thanks to the helmet's special sound absorption functions, there is no need in organizing meeting rooms for online communication anymore," the article said. "Everyone can do his or her communication work by just wearing their Helmfon."

Even though the helmet is a prototype, don't be surprised if Hochu rayu releases a series of Helmfons soon. The opportunity is there particularly if consumers can overlook the product's appearance in favor of the product's responsibility and result.

You may look like Dark Helmet, Rick Moranis' character in "Spaceballs," but if your productivity skyrockets because of this unorthodox noise-canceling device, then being laughed at by those you're ultimately bypassing at your office ... well, that's not so bad, right?