Of course, there are social media marketing rules that apply across all networks. But each network truly has its own idiosyncrasies.

Knowing what resonates on each social platform gives your brand power. Then, you can spend less time crafting posts and have them perform better than ever. Read on to discover the golden rule for marketing on each one of the top four social networks.

1. Facebook

Facebook has morphed from a site to connect with your friends into the place you go for news. For your brand content to perform best on Facebook, think links.

When you post a link, Facebook automatically pulls a large, inciting photo from the article. Or you can upload one. An eye-catching picture along with a link is all you need to catch your audience's attention.

Your caption should be short, no more than 40 characters. Short captions receive 86 percent more engagement than lengthy Facebook posts, according to Buddy Media.

2. Twitter

On Twitter, your goal is to blast out information and push your audience down the funnel immediately. With only 140 characters, you've got to make every letter and space count. Luckily, the top tweets consistently share three elements: a shortened link, relevant hashtag and a clear call to action.

Before posting, have your end game in mind. What do you want your user to do next? The more direct you are, the better the results.

Then, shorten your link and pair it with a relevant, high-performing hashtag. Seal the deal with the best call to action phrases: Download, retweet, ask for a follow, or ask for a reply.

And the magic number? Tweets with 120 characters get the most engagement.

3. Instagram

As you may have guessed, Instagram has little to do with text and everything to do with your picture. A recent study by Curalate analyzed more than 8 million images to discover the elements of a perfect Instagram.

When taking the picture, aim for lots of background space. The rule of thirds always performs well for Instagram compositions. Keep in mind that you can now post landscape and portrait images on Instagram.

Then, focus in on one color. Images with a dominant, single color perform much better. Also, if you can, zero in on blue hues, which generate 24 percent more likes than warm colors.

Finally, it's all about the editing. Use an editing app other than Instagram to get that dreamy look, such as VSCO Cam or Snapseed. Opt for a believable saturation level under 15 percent to get more likes.

4. Pinterest

For brands, the most important action you can take on Pinterest is making your pins rich. By creating product-rich pins, browsers can instantly learn more about your product. They'll see the price and product availability right alongside your hyperlinked pin.

To get the attention of your audience, offer a 10 percent drop in price. Anyone who has pinned your product will get a notification, which can lead to a significant bump in traffic and sales.