The future of grocery shopping has arrived. Technology has come a long way, and now many grocery chains and some e-retailers like Amazon and Hello Fresh are blazing the path to a futuristic way of grocery shopping.


Let’s take a look at Amazon Go; a concept that allows customers to merely shop and go. No standing in long lines, no cashier needed, you simply put your groceries in your bag and go.

What else does Amazon have up its sleeve? How about hubs where you use their app, order your groceries, then pull up, pick up and go. Due to the high cost of such technology to make Amazon Go available, it is currently limited in availability.


In recent years, Kroger’s ClickList, which will soon be renamed "Kroger Grocery Pickup," has become a simple way of shopping. With ClickList, you easily place your order, drive up, pick up and never get out of your car.

Kroger has also partnered to experiment with self-driving company Nuro. For a very select pilot market in Scottsdale, Arizona, an unmanned vehicle will drive groceries right to a customer’s home. This new-age grocery service offers same-day delivery.

However, ClickList is fully offered now. I talked to Jennifer Yantis, a frequent Kroger shopper, and this is what she had to say, “I love ClickList. I have used it a few times. If what you want is unavailable, you get a replacement with the highest quality item available.”


H-E-B is a Texas grocery store with the motto "No One Does More." H-E-B, like Kroger, offers curbside pickup.

How does H-E-B curbside work? You go to the store’s website, click on order curbside and it leads you to a website called On the website you set up an account, order your groceries, drive to the store you selected, and pick up your groceries.


Walmart Grocery (formerly Walmart To Go) offers online ordering and in-store pickup. In some locations, you can order online and have your items delivered to your home.

I personally have ordered nonperishable foods online and had them sent to my home; same-day delivery was not an option, but I did receive my box pizza, paper plates and other nonperishable items in a timely manner.

However, the second time I ordered there was a huge delay in getting my pizza. In the end, Walmart came through and I got my pizza free and with no shipping fee.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is not your typical store. In fact, it isn’t even a grocery store. The service’s website states they shop, plan and deliver healthy meals to you.

It offers multiple healthy choices that are fast and made within 30 minutes. It is a quick, convenient service at your fingertips. Place an order through their app and you’re done. No commitment and no hassles; order when you want and as often as you want.


I like to think as Schwan’s as the service that is way ahead of its time. It has been around since 1952, and has been delivering food to our homes way before modern technology became available.

I have used their home delivery service and I love their foods. The food quality is impressive. The only downside is the price. However, the quality of the food makes the price acceptable.


This modern technology will help many people, from workaholics to the disabled. Personally, when winter comes to Ohio, I don’t want to venture out into the blistering cold and on the snow-covered roads. I’ll simply pick up my cellphone, access my app and have my groceries delivered to my door step.