The Instagram feature your brand has been waiting for is finally here (or at least in the works).

Instagram is beginning to test shopping tags. This feature would allow your brand to easily track the ROI on your Instagram strategy, and you could finally stop using the unintuitive #linkinprofile.

Instead, the shopping process would be seamless. When your followers are interested in the product featured in your post, they simply click "Tap to view products." Then, users will see the price and product name of up to five items on the photo.

To learn more, users click on the price tag and get a detailed product description. If they're hooked, they click the hyperlinked "Shop now." Voila! They can purchase the product right there on a webpage.

It's exactly what brands and users have been wanting on Instagram for quite some time. After all, 60 percent of Instagrammers say they learned about a product or service on the platform. And 75 percent stated that they took action by clicking an ad's call-to-action button, according to an Instagram study.

With the new shopping tags, this entire process would be simplified, creating a much better user experience. Keep in mind that this does come shortly after Facebook's announcement that business pages can set appointments and take orders directly on the platform. Clearly, this is the wave of the future.

Yet, the rollout for Instagram's shoppable tags is slow. Right now, 20 U.S.-based retailers are testing this feature, including Kate Spade and Warby Parker. iOS users could begin seeing shoppable posts soon. But there's no word on when this new feature will roll out to more brands. Instead, Instagram is focusing on perfecting the new feature during this initial round of tests.

In case you're wondering, Instagram won't be taking a percentage of sales from purchases made via Instagram. Instead, the network wants to use this as an avenue to expand their advertising. Instagram wants brands to show shoppable photos to those on the platform who don't yet follow them.

While you wait for shopping tags to arrive, try out these tried-and-true tactics to better market your products on Instagram:

1. Include the link to the product in your profile. When you Instagram a photo with one product in it, update the link in your bio to that specific product page. It's your best bet for the time being.

2. Don't include "product shots." While it sounds counterintuitive, it's the best way to drive your followers to action. They want to see what lifestyle they get when they buy your brand's products. For example, if you're an outdoor clothing company, showcase photos of hikers wearing your products at unbelievable locations. Those are the kinds of shots that will sell, not the sweatshirt studio picture.

3. Define your brand's look. Most brand photos showcase who they are, which is why your brand's photos should look consistent. A simple way to achieve this is to edit using the same filter or a defined set of filters that capture your aesthetic. You want your users to know exactly who you are and exactly what they'll get when they buy from you.