All of those $0.14 clicks your business spends on Facebook ads sure add up. In the first quarter of 2017, Facebook earned $6.7 billion in ad revenue on mobile devices alone. Now, Facebook is predicting it may run out of ad space sometime in 2017.

With limited space and a limited budget, you need to squeeze every penny you can out of those ads! Optimize your Facebook advertising campaign with these six strategies.

1.Stay focused

You need to get right to the point. With people using multiple screens at once, there's a lot to distract them. So, get your message out there as quickly and succinctly as you can.

After analyzing more than 37,000 Facebook ads, AdEspresso data found the below copy lengths are the sweet spot:

  • The most popular headlines (that's the text that appears right under your image) should be five words. That's it!
  • The text that's displayed right above the picture should be about 14 words.
  • Write 18-word link descriptions, which appear right under your headline.

2. Use these words

That same AdEspresso study found the most popular words to use. And there's a reason these words appear in so many ads that you see. They work!

Sprinkle these words in your future ad copy:

  • you
  • free
  • because
  • new
  • instantly

3. Start with the low-hanging fruit

People who are already familiar with your business are going to be much, much easier to convert. So, start there.

Begin by targeting your Facebook fans, website visitors and email subscribers. To target those who have been to your site, you'll need Pixel. Once you have that, you can drill down and focus on people who have been to specific pages (like the cart page). Cha-ching!

4. Focus on awareness

Did you know nearly half (44 percent) of Facebook ads don't have a call-to-action (CTA)? If you don't already, add a CTA to every ad you run. It's your most important piece of copy because it tells viewers what to do next.

Generally, softer sells, like "learn more" or "sign up" work better. But, if there is a more targeted CTA for your business like "play game" or "watch more," try it and see how it does.

5. Be direct

Once you get people to click, send them to a specific landing page. You've gotten them this far, now you need to guide them to the end of their journey.

On your landing page, deliver the exact information the person is looking for at this stage. Think of it like this. If you were on a sales call, what products and talking points would you be covering? That's the info that should be on your landing page.

6. The best way to create more successful Facebook ads?

Test lots of ads. The top companies out there have hundreds and hundreds of Facebook ads. They're perfecting what copy, images, CTAs and links work best. So, you need to do the same.

A/B testing is what makes good Facebook ads great. Create 3-5 basic campaigns — then at least 5-10 variations of each campaign. Make small changes to each iteration.

And, of course, have different ads for different demographics. The more you can pinpoint and cater to a specific audience, the more successful your ads will be.