It's important for businesses remain focused, dedicated and committed to hiring the best and giving them an outstanding onboarding process that builds lasting relationships. If you follow these commandments, your organization will become just that — the best.

I. Thou shalt tell the truth about the job

Tell every promising applicant not only what's wonderful about the job and the company, but also about what is challenging. This way, neither you nor your new hire will face an unpleasant surprise. They will find out the truth anyway, and then either leave you high and dry or figure they don't owe you an honest day's work because you weren't honest with them.

II. Thou shalt change the focus of onboarding from operations to HR

Minimize the paperwork, policies, procedures, rules and regulations. Focus instead on the person and build a relationship between yourself, the new hire, the job and the company.

III. Thou shalt prepare so they can get to work when they arrive

Make sure new employees have everything they need before they first report. How important would you feel you and the job are if no one had taken the time to make sure everything you need is available?

IV. Thou shalt make orientation not only about what you want, but also about what's in it for them

Nothing turns a new hire off more quickly than impersonal training videos, and all your policies and procedures. Have someone who worked his or her way up the ladder welcome new hires and share a little about his or her success. Be sure to fill them in on opportunities for advancement and all job perks.

V. Thou shalt make the first day on the job the best they will have on any job ever

This is your one-and-only chance to make a great first impression. Use it to make them feel "chosen," not just hired. Tell them why their job is important and how it fits in to the big picture. Make them feel welcome.

VI. Thou shalt be clear about your expectations and standards

Tell new hires how you want them to communicate with you and how you will evaluate their performance.

VII. Thou shalt assign a buddy

Make a buddy available to help new hires get the lay of the land and to answer any questions when you're not available.

VIII. Thou shalt find out why your new hire left his or her last job

And ask who the best boss they ever had was and why they think so. This is a great way to find out how they like to be managed and what motivates them.

IX. Thou shalt not let the new employee go home frustrated

Your goal is to make sure that, when anyone asks them how they like their new job, the answer is: "Great. Fantastic. Couldn't be better." This will be a boon to your future recruiting efforts as well.

X. Thou shalt think beyond the first week, but also about the first paycheck, the end of the first month, the first review and the first anniversary

Use every occasion you can to reinforce the great relationship you've built. Use these times to give them feedback on their performance and ask for their ideas and concerns.