As a teacher, you've probably seen your students panic as soon as they're asked to write an essay. They may know the subject material inside and out, but as soon as they're asked to arrange it in an essay format, they struggle to describe it correctly.

The problem is that assignment writing is a totally separate skill that your students need to learn. Luckily, there is help available. Here are eight online tools that will help your students learn to write the perfect assignment.

1. Assignment Help: If you want to teach your students how to write assignments, you'll need to get the basics down yourself first. This website is a fantastic resource on everything you need to know about academic writing. It breaks it down by explaining how, why and when each form of it is used. It then gives you ideas and help for teaching it to others. If you're struggling with where to start, this site will set you straight.

2. Thesis Writing: Many students get stuck on the first hurdle, trying to organize their thoughts onto paper. There are lots of methods for getting this done, but this is one of the best. Your students can use this thesis statement creator to start gathering ideas for their assignment. It gives them a place to write their ideas down, and different sections to think about so they get their basic structure. They'll soon have a plan that they can work from with ease.

3. Plagiarism Checker: Even if your students are being diligent and writing their own, original work, they can be at risk of committing plagiarism. This is because they copy a quote or idea too closely, accidentally making it look like they're presenting it as their own. This tool can check their text for plagiarism, allowing them to make the necessary edits before they submit their essay.

4. Encyclopedia: It's important to impress upon on your students that they need to use reliable sources. It's easy to look up things online, but how do they know that that source is credible? Give them a tool they can use by pointing them to this website. It's full of reliable sources they can use in any of their assignments. All they have to do is plug in their search terms, and they'll get a lot of options in their reading material.

5. Essay Map: If you have students who are visually minded, this tool could be the best way for them to plan their essays out. All they have to do is fill in their name and topic, and they can get started. The website will guide them through the plan, asking them questions that will make them think about the topic and how they will fit their answers within an essay structure. At the end of it, they'll have an essay map that shows them clearly how they should lay their essay out.

6. Phraseology: The age of the desktop computer is almost gone. Rather than buying a PC, many of your students will have an iPad or touchscreen device instead. They're great for a lot of things, but they're not the best for writing on. If they need a good writing app for their iPad, this is it. It's simple, backs up work online, and is easy to use.

7. Grammar Tips: The grammar posts on this site should be required reading for all students. It covers everything, from how to craft a strong voice to 'is it "aloud" or "out loud"?' Whatever questions your students have, they're sure to find the answers here.

8. Citation Generator: This is easy and free bibliography creator. All students need to do is choose citation style and enter required info to get the completed bibliography.

Use these tools to help teach your students how to write assignments. They'll find it much easier once they have some basic tools at hand.