Even after all the seemingly nonstop, massive weather events around the country this winter, spring is still fighting its way into our lives. Encourage it by using these three tips to add a little spring to your step and re-energize at work.

Refresh your perspective

First, embrace whatever it is that makes it spring where you are and bring it to the office. Fresh asparagus at the farmer's market? Add it to a lunch salad. Spring blooms fighting their way through frozen ground? Put a bouquet in the break room to brighten the day.

Find something tangible that says spring and bring it to work.

Real Simple, Martha Stewart and every regional magazine are chock full of suggested ways to take advantage of the season. Pick one thing that can easily be incorporated into the work day (like a fresh lunch recipe) or workspace (like this easy plant idea) and do it.

Say goodbye

Making a list is always helpful. In this case, making a quick list of things we no longer have to do can be a great way to close out winter.

Start by asking what you are glad to say goodbye to: year-end reports, overzealous strategic planning, shorter days, etc. By thinking about what we are happy to leave behind, we are better poised to look ahead with appreciation.

The next step, of course, is to make a quick list of things to which we are looking forward: time off, walks at lunch, heading home when it is still light out, etc. Regardless of whether you work in the desert or the Midwest, each season has its own flow. Taking time to figure out how that beat resonates at the office can helps you get a little more in sync instead of feeling like time just keeps passing by your cubicle.

You pick

Last and often the most fun is to pick one new thing — anything and do it. It can be as simple as saying hi to someone new or as entertaining as trying a new restaurant for lunch (or maybe just actually eating lunch away from your desk).

Even sitting at our desks, we have plenty of opportunities to mix it up. Switch your mouse to the other hand, change up your Pandora stations or change out the Post-it colors. In addition to helping you get out of a rut, doing something new even a little something re-energizes your thinking. This in turn, increases your creativity and relights your confidence in taking different approaches.

In other words, embracing the change in seasons can help us at work in many ways. By consciously closing out one phase and actively opening another, we increase our awareness and appreciation of the work that was done and what lies ahead.

Further, by incorporating seasonal items into our day, we refresh our perspective, opening our minds to change in a positive way. Trying new things further expands our view and encourages fresh thinking, creativity, and in turn, productivity.

The bottom line is that just a few little actions can have a significant impact. Follow these tips and reap the benefits of a re-energized approach to work.