Since Snapchat announced their new Discover feature that highlights brands, the number of businesses and media moguls joining the app seems to have skyrocketed.

And it makes sense. If your brand is thinking about using Snapchat, you need to create an account right now to be seen a thought leader. Wait any longer, and you'll be just another follower joining the game too late.

But before you add another social media platform to your marketing arsenal, make sure it's worth your time.

Should your brand or small business join Snapchat? Take the short quiz below to see.

1. Is your target demographic between the ages of 13-25?

As the average age of Facebook users jumps to over 40, teens and 20-somethings want a social platform not infiltrated by their parents and grandparents.

Enter Snapchat — the third-most popular social networking app among millennials. Right now, there are more than 100 million monthly active users sending more than 700 million snaps daily.

If you're searching for a fun, new way to reach millennials, Snapchat is definitely what you're looking for.

2. Does your business have the right type of content for Snapchat?

One of the biggest reasons Snapchat resonates is that it's so different from other social networks.

On Snapchat, there's no editing and filtering until you create picture perfection. What you see is what you get. All you can do is add a bit of crude text overlay and draw like Microsoft's Paint.

Plus, there's no obligation to like, comment and respond. You send it, and it vanishes shortly thereafter.

Snapchat works best when you're using its differences to your advantage.

Think raw behind-the-scenes photos that showcase your brand's humanity. Or you could even debut new products in a low-key way or share coupons in a funny, unexpected way.

3. Are you an innovator in your industry?

Already, Taco Bell, Grub Hub, Mashable and Audi are on Snapchat. If you want to be seen as a company embracing the coolest, newest tech and social tools, join Snapchat. Try it even if your demographic isn't millennials.

As we've seen time and time again, younger users are always the first to test out new social platforms. Once they're invested, the older crowd follows. This social platform has staying power as seen by its insanely fast user growth.

Plus, your business doesn't have to use it daily.

Invest 17 minutes once a week to send out a snap, and see if it's worth your time.