If you have visited the 968 register website, you know the 968 was available with 98 different interior options during its small four-year production run.

Blacks, grays, blues and cashmeres are plentiful from a 968 perspective, but if you wanted a red interior you only had two choices. Both of those red choices cost big dollars back in the 1990s as they were not only full leather interior options but also special full leather!

For the earlier 968s ('92-'94.5), we had the Matador red leather option; the later 968s got the Flamenco red leather option. Both of these full leather interiors cost close to $5,000 back in the day (approximately $8,000 today).

These red interiors are quite striking because they use a lot of black. The entire upper headliner area (on a coupe) remains black. The A pillar covers, sun visors, upper dash and upper door panels are also black.

In fact, the interior is pretty much black with the following exceptions covered in red leather: the seats (but not the plastic corner pieces), the lower dash, the console and console door, the door panels and door panels pulls, and the e-brake handle. The carpet is also red.

That's it. They didn't even offer the floor mats in red — you had to get black. The other nice thing about the red is that it is a nice darker shade, more like an apple skin rather than the bright lipstick red that you would find on a C4 Corvette of the same era.

Despite the stunning results, when North American 968 production came to a halt at 4,242 coupes and cabs, only two cabs and three coupes had been equipped with these special-order full leather red interiors.

Every month, I receive new registrations from 968 owners looking to be a part of the PCA 968 register, and in November I received an application from Jim in Florida looking to register his 968 cab. Jim is the proud owner of a sharp Polar silver cab.

The Polar silver color looks right at home on Jim's 968.

With gray hues being so popular on today's new cars, it is no surprise that the period Polar silver color looks right at home on the 968, and Jim's "1 of 134" car is no exception. But then I stopped short as I perused the application because Jim's car was a significant one based on what was inside a factory red interior!

Recall from above that only five 968s had the red interiors. Of those five 968s, four had white exteriors. The other remaining red interior 968 was Polar silver Jim's car. Talk about a rare sight; the car is a true one of one. The car sports the optional tiptronic transmission in addition to the amazingly-rare $4,603 full leather interior in Flamenco red.

Jim reports that the car was sold new in Houston and went through a couple of owners before it ended up with him in Florida. Jim has a full collection of maintenance records proving that the car has been well cared for. He went on to tell me how often he is stopped by other auto enthusiasts looking to pry the car from his ownership, but he loves it and has no plans to sell.

I'm really not a red interior fan, but I do like how they handled the execution in the 968, hence my decision to take on the Matador red interior 968 coupe project that now sits in my driveway. I can't wait until I get to the interior portion of the project.

So, welcome to the PCA 968 registry, Jim, and take care of that very special "1 of 1" 968.