February is the month of romance; it is not a typical month to RV. However, you can still have a great time on the road for Valentine’s Day weekend.

Whether you are taking the RV out for one last adventure before putting her in hibernation, bringing it out for a pre-spring fling, or want something to do on your full-time travels, there are many reasons to have a Valentine’s weekend “RVmance.”

Low financial cost

Planning your trip ahead of time can save you money. I would start by visiting a Passport America park. By being a Passport America member, you can save a great deal of money and have a wonderful adventure.

Snuggling by a fire roasting smores with your significant other is sure fire way to spark a flame. I would buy flame colorant to add a little something special to your kindling. While you are at it why not play a little Kenny G? Let us not forget food and wine, either. Here are some fine wines and couple’s meal ideas. I suggest investing in a couples’ camping seat as well.

If you utilize your Passport America discount, use your cellphone to play some Kenny G, and plan the dinner and wine list, your overall investment will add up to peanuts, which, by the way, are a camping must as long as they are covered in chocolate.

It strengthens mental well-being and builds a loving relationship

This is not just for couples this can be for a girl’s weekend out. It can even be for a man's retreat. Men attend hunting camps during hunting season, so why not add a new tradition and make it a man's Valentine's weekend retreat?

For example, my friend Mollye Conteh and I like to kick back with some strawberry wine, reminisce about high school and laugh about the many times I embarrassed her.

Don't have many friends? That is OK! Many campgrounds offer activities like sweetheart dances. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there, because you might meet that special someone. If you do meet someone at camp, there's at least one thing you have in common. Click here to learn more about camping and mental health. This article explains four reasons why camping is beneficial to your health.

Grand investment

This means you get the chance to invest in the best thing you will ever invest in — a spouse. Proposing on Valentine's Day is the most romantic gesture you can make and the best investment you will ever make.

My husband, Woody, proposed to me on Valentine's Day. It wasn’t at camp, but we did spend our honeymoon camping at AEP Land in Ohio. It was Valentine's Day eve and he worked night shift. He was a man with a big heart, but when it came to technology, he was a dud. He could barely use email. He has come a long way since 2006 and would have no problems using technology now.

On Valentine's Day evening, he spent two hours preparing an email that said, "meet me at the door for what I think will be your best Valentine's Day gift ever." The idea that it took him that long to send me that sentence told me he was up for any challenge our future marriage could throw at him.

I met him at the door that morning, after he had worked all night, and there he stood as my knight in shining armor with a single red rose and a ring. So, a proposal while on a camping trip would be unforgettable. Click here to find out how to plan the perfect outdoor proposal.

Offers adventure

You can go anywhere your heart desires. Camping always adds adventure and Valentine’s weekend is no different. Make it a weekend in the Alps skiing, or go to Maine for some lobster, or head south to the Florida Keys to swim with the dolphins.


When I asked my husband what he thought was a good reason to camp Valentine's weekend he said, "no kids!" If you need a kid-free weekend, this is the perfect time to do it. Camping allows for privacy. There are no long lines, no crowded movie theaters, no dinner reservations required, and no traffic jams; only the sound of nature.

Offers romance

Watching the sunrise and sunset are as romantic as it gets. I remember watching the sunrise and sun set with my husband while in the Florida Keys. We sat on a blanket on a beach, holding each other in our arms as the sun came up and went down.

Being with him at those moments, feeling his love, seeing the spectacular colors of the sky, smelling the ocean and taking in everything nature has to offer is a memory I will never forget.

Cost savings, improved mental health, investing in a lifetime relationship, seeking adventure, enjoying time away from chaos, and making romantic memories with a loved one are all great reasons to have a Valentine’s weekend “RVmance.”