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Sturdy McKee took a booming, three-clinic in-network practice and successfully transitioned completely out-of-network without missing a beat. In this podcast, he shares the patient communication strategy he used each time he dropped a provider, asks a thought provoking question about why patients would choose to go out-of-network, and gives examples of where cash-based practices have to excel to win patients (and it isn’t just getting people better).

McKee and I also discuss how developing his business acumen kept his practice alive early on and allowed it to thrive as it grew. He shares the courses, coaches, and books he has utilized on his way to becoming a business consultant.

If you like the advice and resources he gives during the show, be sure to check out his online course on Recruiting and Hiring A-Players.

More specifically, we discuss:

  • The Scale of Delightedness and how to take your patients beyond ‘satisfied’ to delighted.
  • His strategy for communicating with patients prior to dropping an insurer.
  • Entrepreneurial tantrums and why independence requires cooperation.
  • The to-do list prioritization strategy used by Warren Buffett.
  • Why the biggest names in business all focus on routine.
  • Courses and coaches McKee has utilized on his path to becoming a coach himself.
  • The struggles he faced in his early days of private practice.
  • The absolutely required mindset for physical therapist transitioning out-of-network.
  • An awesome thought exercise the explores why potential patients choose cash-based.

Resources mentioned in this episode: