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During this podcast, Dr. Jarod Carter catches up with Dr. Carlos Berio of SPARK Physiotherapy about hiring employees for a cash-based practice, what kind of physical therapy and training services SPARK Physiotherapy is offering, and how he has continued to grow his practice with zero paid marketing!

You’ll really get a feel for how connecting with patients drives his cash practice, brings in clients, and creates marketing opportunities. Stick around for the end when Carlos, a fellow #twindad, tells me about all the exciting things I should expect while raising twins!

More specifically, we discuss:

  • What traits Carlos looks for in hiring employees for cash-practices vs insurance-based ones.
  • Why salaried staff at Spark Physiotherapy are still motivated to fill gaps in their schedules.
  • Services offered at Spark Physiotherapy, from PT, to personal training, to “PT Lite.”
  • How Carlos grew his practice…without spending a dime on marketing.
  • Lessons learned from organizing a physical health festival.
  • Using current clients’ connections to arrange high-converting presentations and events.
  • What Jarod should expect when raising twins!

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