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When I first interviewed Sarah King of Invigorate Physical Therapy, I was extremely impressed by her knowledge of marketing tools and strategies, considering how recently she had opened her cash-based practice.

In this episode, I catch up with Sarah about some new additions to her marketing repertoire. Sarah has developed both an offline PT business and an online business serving people with Parkinson’s and we discuss all the details of how she’s done it … including her strategies for how to build a large Facebook Live audience of current and prospective clients.

More specifically, we discuss:

  • What factors Sarah considered before deciding to employ a second physical therapist.
  • How Sarah simplified her marketing and USP to attract her ideal patient.
  • The power of in-person networking with hard-to-reach physicians and community partners.
  • Utilizing Facebook Live to build an online community and consistent audience.
  • How to use Facebook Live strategies such as live interviews and video series.
  • Resources Sarah and I use to automate our practices and online businesses.
  • The success of Sarah’s online Parkinson’s Program and how it affects her service-side advertising.
  • How to network more effectively by providing value to potential referral sources.
  • What Sarah has learned about finding good employees and what benefits to offer.
  • Resources, resources, resources, resources!

Resources mentioned in this episode: