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Between running her cash-based practice in New York City, recording her thriving Healthy Wealthy and Smart podcast, and co-founding the Women in PT Summit, Dr. Karen Litzy is one busy person.

In this short interview, I get Karen’s thoughts on hiring new employees for her concierge practice, how podcasting has changed her life, and how my listeners might start their own patient-generating podcasts.

More specifically, we discuss:

  • Karen’s concierge practice and her plans for bringing on a second PT.
  • The speaker series she is organizing in New York to help health professionals continue their education and network.
  • How podcasting has brought Karen multiple new patient referrals… often international patients.
  • What methods PTs might use to attract local patients via a podcast.
  • The Women in PT summit and what experience Karen is striving to create for attendees.
  • Karen’s advice for current cash-based PT practitioners and for PTs considering opening a private practice.

Resources mentioned in this episode: