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During PT school, Greg Schaible found a fantastic sports rehab website and set up a clinical rotation with its founder, Joe Heiler. That experience was life-changing for him. After graduation, he found work as a physical therapist and later decided to start his own cash-based practice part-time.

Schaible soon found his employment schedule was limiting the growth of his own practice, so he quit his other job and committed to his own business full-time. When presented with the opportunity to take over the sports rehab website he knew and loved, he enthusiastically jumped in, because it provided a welcome source of stable revenue as his practice gradually found its market.

Ever since, Schaible has been building two businesses, which has been a blessing and a challenge for a single person. Now, his online business has grown to offer highly interactive, educational programs; and his cash-based sports rehab practice is preparing to hire its first employee!

In this interview, he shares what he’s learned in his experiences with gyms, marketing efforts, referral sources, and software.

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • Transitioning a content-based business to new ownership in a way that encouraged existing members to choose to continue subscribing.
  • How to identify unmet needs in the highly competitive space of online physical therapy education so the target market will be willing to purchase.
  • The vital role coaching played in enabling Schaible to successfully package and sell higher-level educational programs.
  • Why he recommends mapping out the entire plan for any course in advance… from lead generation through follow-up.
  • How working in a gym frequented by the market you want to serve provides exposure that can bring in new clients with little effort and no expense.
  • How he positions workshops in a way that puts gym owners at ease about the perceived threat from his work at a competitive gym.
  • Offering free treatments at gym “client appreciation” events as a way to meet potential patients, and how those quick consults can be converted into in-clinic appointments.
  • Tips for using video of in-person presentations as an online lead-generation tool that will help you reach a broad audience with minimal effort.

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