Since he was a child, Dave Dee wanted to be a magician. But he grew up and settled for work in “practical” jobs, adding in magic shows when he could. Like most of us, he believed if he got really good at his craft, success would follow. But instead, he just fell further into debt.

In an effort to find answers, he studied marketing, and that sparked a huge mindset shift. He began to think of himself as a “marketer of entertainment services” instead of a magician — and acted accordingly. Just four months later, he had gone from doing three magic shows per month to 57!

Every private practice must do the same things to succeed: generate leads and close them, perform the service and get paid, and generate repeat business and referrals. That’s why many of the same marketing principles that work for a magician will work for essentially any private practice. When Dee realized the power of sharing those principles with other business owners, he knew he’d found some real-world magic.

In this interview, Dee shares some incredible strategies for email marketing and the initial prospective patient phone call that will completely transform your ability to acquire new patients for your practice.

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice marketing topics:

  • The trick of fate that turned a struggling magician into a marketing and sales expert.
  • How to personalize your marketing emails so recipients will actually look forward to reading them.
  • How to get started building an email marketing list of people who are interested in your practice.
  • The reason open and response rates are actually lower for content-packed, topic-oriented messages.
  • Applying strategy when writing marketing emails so the recipient is more likely to take action.
  • How to write an engaging, unique subject line that drives huge open rates.
  • A nine-word email for unconverted leads that can earn you business today.
  • Why engaging, weekly emails are guaranteed to earn you business from former patients and referrals.
  • What professional selling really is (hint: it’s not a high-pressure manipulation).
  • The four-step process for “consultations that close,” which will increase profits at no additional cost.
  • Techniques that build rapport with prospects so they’ll be more likely to convert.
  • The question that will help you uncover the underlying emotional need that is really driving a prospect’s decision-making process.
  • How to respond to objections in a way that avoids debate and reframes concerns in relation to the prospect’s high-value goals.
  • The two words that will automatically trigger agreement from your prospect.

This episode is going live right as we are also launching a new masterclass e-course on mastering the initial prospect phone call. Getting really comfortable and really good at this phone is absolutely vital in the out-of-network business model!

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